It’s Sunday again, and as per the tradition, we are back with your favorite “Top 25 Instagram Photos of the Week” gallery. The excitement is palpable as we bring you some exclusive pictures to brighten up your day! 📸

This week’s collection is a star-studded affair featuring some of the biggest names in WWE. Leading from the front is Emma, who never fails to impress her fans with her stunning visuals. Her latest photo on Instagram has garnered thousands of likes within hours.

Next up in our list is Maxxine Dupri. Known for her fierce persona both inside and outside the ring, Dupri knows how to strike a pose that resonates power and determination. Her recent picture showcases just that – an embodiment of strength.

Chelsea Green also makes it into this week’s top picks with her captivating charm radiating through every frame she graces. She continues to enchant us all by sharing snippets from her life beyond wrestling too.

Rhea Ripley, another notable name in this week’s collection, offers us glimpses into what goes behind creating such powerful performances at each event she participates in.

The reigning queen of WWE Universe Becky Lynch needs no introduction when it comes to making heads turn via social media platforms. This time around too, nothing changes as Lynch manages to steal hearts yet again with her mesmerizing photograph!

Apollo Crews’ entry adds more variety and flavor into this mix with his charismatic presence shining brightly through his photoshoot stills captured recently for

Cora Jade brings forth an amalgamation of gracefulness coupled with tenacity reflected perfectly well in one single frame shared on Instagram earlier this week.

Last but certainly not least – Gigi Dolin features prominently among these chosen few celebrities thanks largely due to their unique style statement which sets them apart from others quite effortlessly!

In conclusion: while Sundays might be synonymous typically for rest & relaxation; here at eWrestlingNews, it’s all about providing our readers with a visual treat. We hope you enjoyed this week’s collection of the top 25 Instagram photos and are just as excited for what next Sunday has in store!


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