It’s Sunday again and as per tradition, we’re back with our “Top 25 Instagram Photos of the Week” gallery. This week is no different from any other; it’s filled to the brim with stunning shots of your favorite wrestling stars 📸.

First up in this week’s selection is Emma, whose fierce charisma and unique style never fail to captivate fans both inside and outside the ring. Her latest photo shows her in a moment of quiet reflection before stepping onto the stage for another electrifying performance.

Next on our list is Maxxine Dupri. Known for her infectious energy and unapologetic attitude, Dupri shines brighter than ever in her most recent snapshot. The image captures not only her physical strength but also that unmistakable spark that sets her apart from all others.

Chelsea Green follows closely behind with an absolutely breathtaking shot. Green has always been admired for maintaining a perfect balance between power and grace, making every one of her appearances feel like something straight out of a movie scene.

Rhea Ripley makes an appearance too, reminding us once more why she continues to be such a dominant force within WWE circles. Her picture exudes confidence – there’s no denying that Ripley knows exactly who she is and what she brings to the table.

Becky Lynch needs no introduction either – ‘The Man’ lives up to reputation once again by delivering yet another iconic photograph this week! It perfectly encapsulates everything we’ve come to expect from Becky: determination, resilience, raw talent…and just enough sass!

Apollo Crews’ photo gives us another glimpse into his world away from the spotlight where he can relax without losing his competitive edge or letting go of his passion for wrestling entirely.

Cora Jade graces our list next- young but already turning heads everywhere she goes! She radiates positivity which reflects directly onto those around her creating an atmosphere unlike any other wherever she steps.

And last, but certainly not least is Gigi Dolin. Known for her fiery spirit and never-say-die attitude, Dolin’s photo captures her essence perfectly – a fighter who gives everything she has every time she steps into the ring.

Each of these photos offers us a unique glimpse into the lives of our favorite WWE superstars. They remind us that while they may be larger than life on screen, at their core, they are just as human as we are – full of dreams, passions and an undying love for what they do best: wrestling! So here’s to another week filled with stunning shots from’s Instagram page. We can’t wait to see what next Sunday brings!


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