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Lucha Underground October 10, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground October 10, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground October 10, 2018 Results

Taya Valkyrie is in the ring, she calls Antonio Cueto to come to the ring. She tells him that his son has spoiled his marriage and that he will pay. She says she wants Matanza Cueto. He tells her that she knows what she wants but he too. He wants a sacrifice to the gods.

– Matanza Cueto wins over Taya Valkyrie by disqualification. After the match, Johnny Mundo inflicts a Shining Wizard and a Starship Pain to Matanza and he runs away with Taya.

Fénix & Mil Muertes def. El Dragon Aztec Jr. & The Mack in aTag Team Match. At the end of the match, Mil Muertes inflicts a spear to Azteca, Fénix places a dropkick from the top of the third rope to The Mack. The two wrestlers trade their opponents and Fénix places Azteca in his Muscle Buster, at the same time Muertes inflicts a Flatliner to The Mack.

Famous B arrives at the ring with Beautiful Brenda. He says that at the wedding of Johnny Mundo and Taya he was brutalized by Matanza Cueto. Today he has recovered a health and is more ready than ever. He announces that he has signed a new wrestler. Himself, he comes out of retirement and is ready to return to the ring. Ricky Mundo arrives at the ring with his doll and tells Famous B to be quiet and he will have to teach him a lesson.

– Ricky Mundo def. Famous B with Beautiful Brenda. At the end of the match, Famous B inflicts a Pele Kick to Mundo but fails to gain the advantage, he is knocked down by a clothesline. Ricky connects with a neckbreaker and covers him for the victory.

After the match, Ricky Mundo reveals that he is behind the intervention of Matanza at the wedding of Taya and Johnny. Johnny Mundo never respected him, treating him as a less than nothing. Today he is the one who ruined his marriage. He sends a challenge to Taya for Ultima Lucha and tells him to watch what happens to him.
He inflicts a Cross Face on Beautiful Brenda until she chokes. He leaves kissing his doll.

– Pentagon Dark def. Reklusa. At the end of the match, Reklusa places Pentagon in a Canadian Destroyer and covers it. It emerges at the expense of two. Reklusa loses time provoking the crowd and turns his back on Pentagon. He inflicts a backstabber and connects with a Pentagon Driver.

After the match, Pentagon is about to break Reklusa’s arm but he releases it and goes to look for bugs in the ring. He turns the bugs on the ground and is about to send Reklusa in. Marty Martinez arrives with a baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire. He snatches part of the Pentagon mask with it. Reklusa leaves under the ring to look for a can of gasoline. She spills gasoline on Pentagon Dark. Marty Martinez takes a lighter out of his pocket and turns it on. He says he does not.


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