Mandy Rose, the former NXT Women’s Champion, has announced that she is making her way to OnlyFans. Her decision comes after being released from WWE on December 14, 2022. The reason behind this release was some of the mature content which she had been posting on her website.

Rose has made a name for herself in wrestling circles and gained a significant following due to both her talent inside the ring and her striking looks outside of it. However, with this new move to OnlyFans, it appears that Mandy is ready to take control of how she shares content with fans.

Since leaving WWE, Rose hasn’t stopped sharing photos online. She continues to post bikini pictures as well as some adult-oriented content behind a paywall. Her announcement about joining OnlyFans suggests that these types of posts will continue or even increase in frequency.

OnlyFans is an online platform where creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their page. It allows creators like Mandy Rose greater freedom over what they share and provides them with another avenue for income generation beyond traditional employment contracts such as those within professional wrestling organizations like WWE.

For fans of Mandy Rose who have followed her career since its early days in NXT through stints at Raw and Smackdown Live before returning back again at NXT; this news might come off as surprising considering how traditionally wrestlers stayed away from platforms like Onlyfans while under contract but times are changing rapidly 🔄

While there may be mixed feelings among fans regarding Mandy’s move towards more explicit forms of social media engagement via Onlyfans; one thing remains clear – it represents yet another example showcasing just how much power digital platforms now hold within our society today when used effectively by individuals looking forward towards carving out their own unique paths regardless whether others approve or not!

As we wait anxiously for more updates concerning what type contents exactly would be available once Mandy officially launches onto Onlyfans; let us remind ourselves that regardless of how we feel about this development, it’s ultimately Mandy’s decision to make. She has the right to choose what she does with her career and personal life.

In conclusion, Mandy Rose joining OnlyFans is a significant move in her post-WWE journey. It represents not just a new platform for content sharing but also an opportunity for greater control over her public image and revenue streams.


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