Former WWE Tough Enough winner, Maven, continues to share candid insights about his time in the wrestling industry through videos on his YouTube channel. In a recent revelation, he divulged that it was entirely his decision to use steroids during his tenure with WWE.

The former superstar’s admission has certainly sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. He confessed to using Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Anavar and Winstrol while being employed by one of the biggest professional wrestling companies in the world.

Maven’s choice to take these performance-enhancing drugs wasn’t influenced or coerced by anyone else within the organization. It was a personal choice he made himself – a fact that he is now openly sharing with fans and followers around the globe.

His honesty regarding this matter provides valuable insight into some of what happens behind-the-scenes in pro-wrestling circles. His confession also opens up discussions about health standards within such physically demanding industries as professional sports entertainment.

While there are many who might judge him harshly for this admittance, others may see it as an act of bravery – coming clean about something so controversial isn’t always easy 😓

However, it’s important not just for fans but also aspiring wrestlers to understand that Maven’s experience does not represent everyone’s journey in wrestling. Many athletes compete without resorting to such methods and maintain their physical prowess through rigorous training regimes and healthy diets alone.

Steroids are known for their quick results but they come at a high cost: potential health risks include liver damage, cardiovascular diseases among others which can be fatal if unchecked over time. Therefore despite any perceived benefits they should never be seen as an easy shortcut towards achieving fitness goals or enhancing performance levels on stage or field alike.

In conclusion, Maven’s story serves as both cautionary tale against substance abuse and testament towards transparency when addressing past mistakes however regrettable they may seem today


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