Mickie James, a well-known figure in the world of wrestling, has recently expressed her desire for Lisa Marie Varon to be inducted into both the WWE and Impact Wrestling Halls of Fame. This statement came during an edition of the “Battleground Podcast”, where she openly shared her thoughts on this matter.

Lisa Marie Varon is no stranger to avid fans and followers of professional wrestling. Known as Victoria during her time with WWE and Tara when she was with Impact Wrestling, Varon has made significant contributions to the sport that have left lasting impressions.

James’ advocacy for Varon’s inclusion into these prestigious halls of fame is not without merit. Throughout her career, Varon demonstrated exceptional skill and prowess inside the ring. Her performances were memorable; they brought excitement, suspense, and admiration from spectators worldwide 🌍.

Varon’s determination was evident every time she stepped inside the ring – a trait admired by many including Mickie James herself who knows first-hand about being at peak performance under pressure having been a former Women’s Champion for both companies.

The call from James adds weight to ongoing discussions amongst fans and industry insiders alike regarding recognising women wrestlers’ accomplishments within these institutions traditionally dominated by their male counterparts. It also puts forth another name worthy of recognition alongside other legendary figures already enshrined in these hallowed halls such as Trish Stratus or Lita.

While it remains uncertain whether this suggestion will come into fruition soon or if it will take some more time before we see Lisa Marie Varon standing proud amongst fellow Hall Of Famers like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan – what is clear though is that there are voices willing to champion deserving individuals like her who’ve contributed significantly towards shaping modern-day professional wrestling scene.

For now, all eyes are on how WWE & Impact Wrestling respond to Mickie James’ heartfelt plea – one that resonates deeply with those familiar with Lisa Marie Varon’s remarkable career. Whether we see Varon’s induction soon or not, her impact on the wrestling world remains undeniable and continues to inspire many upcoming wrestlers.

The recognition of women’s contributions in professional wrestling has been a long time coming and Mickie James’ call for Lisa Marie Varon’s inclusion is another step towards achieving that goal. The future indeed looks bright as more voices join this cause – championing equal representation within these revered institutions where legends are made.


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