Mickie James, a renowned name in the wrestling industry, has recently voiced her opinion about another prominent figure – Lisa Marie Varon. Known as Victoria in WWE and Tara in Impact Wrestling, Varon’s contributions to the sport have been significant and impactful.

James believes that it is high time for Varon to be recognized by both companies she served so well during her career. In a recent edition of the “Battleground Podcast,” Mickie James expressed her wish for both WWE and Impact Wrestling to honor Lisa Marie Varon with an induction into their respective Halls of Fame 🏆.

Lisa Marie Varon, who graced the wrestling ring under different monikers at different times – ‘Victoria’ when she was with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and ‘Tara’ during her stint with Impact Wrestling – left an indelible mark on women’s professional wrestling. Her skill set, charisma and commitment were unmatched.

According to Mickie James, these qualities make Lisa more than deserving of recognition from both organizations where she showcased her talent over years. It would not only be a testament to what she brought into those rings but also serve as inspiration for upcoming female wrestlers who aspire to reach such heights.

The idea behind Hall of Fame inductions is not just about celebrating past glories; it’s also about setting benchmarks for future generations. By honoring athletes like Lisa Marie Varon who’ve made invaluable contributions towards shaping this sport – especially women’s wrestling – we can ensure that their legacies will continue inspiring others long after they’ve hung up their boots.

Recognition from one’s peers often carries more weight than any championship belt or title win ever could because it validates all the sweat, blood & tears shed inside that squared circle throughout one’s career. And if there’s anyone deserving such validation right now according its Mickie James–it should undoubtedly be ‘Victoria/Tara’.

Inducting someone into Hall Of Fame isn’t just a formal ceremony, it’s an acknowledgment of their hard work, dedication and the sacrifices they’ve made for the love of sport. Mickie James believes that Lisa Marie Varon’s time has come to receive this honor from both WWE & Impact Wrestling.

James’ call for recognition towards her fellow wrestler is not merely about acknowledging past accomplishments; it’s also about setting examples for future generations. The wrestling industry needs more voices like Mickie James who are willing to stand up and advocate for those deserving such honors.

In conclusion, Mickie James’ advocacy on behalf of Lisa Marie Varon isn’t just a testament to their shared history in wrestling but also speaks volumes about her character as well. She understands the importance of recognizing talent and contributions which often go unnoticed or underappreciated in this high-intensity sport.


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