Mickie James, a renowned figure in Impact Wrestling, recently expressed her appreciation for World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) booking decision. The decision in question was to have Becky Lynch win the NXT Women’s Championship.

Becky Lynch managed to capture the championship on this week’s WWE NXT event, effectively ending Tiffany Stratton’s reign as champion. This victory has allowed Becky Lynch to complete what is known in wrestling circles as the Grand Slam – an impressive feat that few are able to achieve.

The news of this achievement came out during “Busted Open Radio”, where Mickie James discussed it at length. She spoke about how she believes this particular booking decision will greatly aid WWE’s gold brand.

James’ praise for the strategic move by WWE comes from her own extensive experience within the world of professional wrestling 🤼‍♀️ . Her insights carry weight and reflect an understanding of both athlete strategy and business operations within such a competitive industry.

She emphasized that having Becky Lynch win wasn’t just beneficial for boosting ratings or creating buzz among fans; it also served a more significant purpose. It demonstrated WWE’s commitment towards recognizing talent and giving deserving athletes their moment in spotlight – something which is essential for maintaining morale amongst performers.

This isn’t surprising considering Mickie James’ own illustrious career with several championships under her belt. As someone who understands what being at top feels like, she can appreciate when others receive opportunities they’ve worked hard for.

Moreover, Becky Lynch winning adds another layer of excitement and unpredictability into future matches involving women wrestlers on NXT shows. Fans are likely going to be eagerly awaiting each match featuring Becky now that she holds such prestigious title – every bout could potentially lead up to someone else taking over as champion!

In conclusion, while we often enjoy watching our favorite athletes battle it out inside ring purely because we love sport itself; there are many behind-the-scenes decisions made by organizations like WWE which impact how these events unfold. These decisions can sometimes be controversial, but in this case, it seems like WWE made a choice that has been well-received by both fans and industry insiders alike.

It’s clear from Mickie James’ reaction that the decision for Becky Lynch to win NXT Women’s Championship was not just a victory for Lynch herself, but also one for women’s wrestling as whole. It will be interesting to see what other strategies WWE implements moving forward to keep their audience engaged and excited about future matches.


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