In the world of professional wrestling, no story is quite as intriguing as that of Zelina Vega. Her journey with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks. The year 2020 was particularly challenging for Vega as it witnessed her unexpected departure from the WWE due to a miscommunication over Twitch, an incident which she recently opened up about on “The Ten Count” podcast. 🎙️

Vega’s involvement with WWE began when she joined the company in 2017. She quickly became a notable figure due to her charismatic presence and impressive in-ring skills. However, her journey took a surprising turn in November 2020 when she was released from her contract. The reason for her release was a point of contention and confusion, with many speculating about the circumstances that led to her departure.

During her recent appearance on “The Ten Count” podcast, Vega shed some light on the situation. According to her, the primary issue revolved around her use of Twitch, a live streaming platform popular among gamers and celebrities. Vega had been using Twitch to connect with her fans and followers, but this apparently conflicted with WWE’s policies.

Vega recalled the miscommunication that ultimately led to her release. She explained that there was a misunderstanding regarding WWE’s rules about talent using third-party platforms like Twitch. This lack of clarity and subsequent miscommunication resulted in her being released from the company.

However, this setback did not deter Vega from pursuing her passion for wrestling. She continued to stay active in the wrestling community, maintaining her presence on Twitch and engaging with her fans. Her resilience and dedication were evidently recognized by WWE, as less than a year after her release, Vega was rehired and placed on the SmackDown roster.

Vega’s return to WWE was met with much anticipation and excitement from fans. Her presence on SmackDown has added a new dynamic to the show, and she continues to be a fan favorite. The miscommunication that led to her release is now a thing of the past, serving as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and understanding in any professional setting.

Reflecting on her journey, Vega shared some insights on the podcast. She underscored the significance of resilience in the face of adversity and the importance of staying true to oneself. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

In conclusion, Zelina Vega’s journey with WWE is a testament to her resilience and determination. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, she has managed to bounce back and make a successful return to the company. Her story also underscores the importance of clear communication in a professional setting, a lesson that holds true in any industry.

As Vega continues to entertain audiences on SmackDown and connect with fans on Twitch, her story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wrestling business and the resilience required to navigate it successfully. It is a tale of triumph over adversity, a testament to Vega’s perseverance, and an example for aspiring wrestlers worldwide.


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