WWE has made an exciting announcement for the upcoming Monday’s RAW. The New Day will be going head-to-head with the Viking Raiders in a thrilling 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. This news has sparked anticipation among fans, as they eagerly await to see which team will emerge victorious.

The two teams have been at loggerheads recently, each holding a win over the other. Their rivalry is palpable and this match promises to deliver some high-octane action that wrestling enthusiasts crave for. WWE confirmed the booking of this match on its website early Saturday morning, causing waves of excitement across social media platforms.

The New Day and Viking Raiders are no strangers to each other in the ring. Both teams possess unique strengths that make them formidable opponents against one another. With their contrasting styles and fierce determination, there’s no predicting who might come out on top when these titans clash in what promises to be an epic showdown.

This isn’t just about winning; it’s about pride and proving their dominance within WWE’s tag-team division 🏆 . It’s not just about being good – it’s about being better than your adversary, showing them up when it matters most: under those bright lights with thousands watching worldwide.

As we inch closer towards Monday night’s event, both teams are undoubtedly preparing themselves mentally and physically for what lies ahead. Training sessions must be intense as they strategize how best to counteract their opponent’s moves while capitalizing on any potential weaknesses exposed during previous encounters.

Fans can expect nothing short of fireworks from this 2-out-of-3 Falls match between The New Day versus Viking Raiders at Monday Night Raw (9/18/23). Given their history together coupled with everything that hangs in balance – bragging rights plus momentum heading into future matches – viewers should brace themselves for an unforgettable night filled with drama-filled moments sure keep everyone glued onto screens until very end!

So let us all mark our calendars and prepare for an electrifying night of wrestling action. As the teams gear up to settle their score, we can only sit back, watch, and cheer our hearts out. No matter who wins or loses this 2-out-of-3 falls match on Monday’s WWE RAW (9/18/23), one thing is certain – it will be a spectacle that fans won’t forget anytime soon!


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