The world of Major League Wrestling (MLW) is abuzz with excitement as Salina de la Renta makes her much-anticipated return. The news broke during Sunday night’s Fury Road pay-per-view event, where De la Renta made a surprise appearance during the premiere episode of “Sessions with Saint Laurent.”

Salina de la Renta’s return to MLW is significant, not just because of her status as a top-tier talent, but also because of the implications it has for the league’s relationship with Mexico. She boldly declared that the MLW’s pipeline to Mexico would go through her, suggesting that she would be taking on a role as a sort of ambassador or gatekeeper between the two wrestling worlds. 🌐

With this announcement, Salina de la Renta has effectively positioned herself as a key figure in shaping the future of MLW, promising to bring some of the best luchadors to the league. This move could potentially usher in a new era for MLW, one marked by increased diversity and international collaboration.

Meanwhile, the Fury Road event was not just about De la Renta’s return. There was also the crowning of a new champion, adding another layer of intrigue to the evening. The identity of this new champion, however, remains a mystery for now, further adding to the anticipation for upcoming MLW events.

This development marks a new chapter for Major League Wrestling. With Salina de la Renta back in the mix and a new champion on the horizon, fans can expect a series of exciting matches and storylines. De la Renta’s promise to bring in top luchador talent from Mexico also opens up a wealth of possibilities for fresh match-ups and rivalries.

In conclusion, the recent Fury Road event has set the stage for an exciting future in Major League Wrestling. With the return of Salina de la Renta and the crowning of a new champion, the league is poised for a dynamic and diverse future. As the MLW continues to grow and evolve, fans around the world will undoubtedly be watching eagerly to see what comes next.


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