In a recent episode of “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” WWE President Nick Khan had high praise for LA Knight, commending his work ethic and unique approach to wrestling. He referred to him as the first of his kind, setting him apart from other wrestlers in the industry.

LA Knight’s style has often been compared with superstars from WWE’s Attitude Era, such is its distinctiveness that it has even been referenced on WWE programming. “We think so,” said Khan when asked about these comparisons. The president went on to mention how LA Knight embodies an innovative spirit within the world of wrestling.

This conversation sparked interest among fans and fellow wrestlers alike, highlighting the respect earned by LA Knight through hard work and dedication to his craft.

On another note 🎵, Eric Bischoff was seen doing Prince Nana’s dance, adding some fun flavor into the mix! This playful moment served as a reminder that while wrestling can be intense and competitive, there’s always room for fun and entertainment too!

There was also talk surrounding The Rock/Pat McAfee during this podcast episode. Both are notable figures within their respective fields – The Rock being one of Hollywood’s top actors who started off in professional wrestling himself; Pat McAfee is a former American football punter turned sports analyst.

However details regarding what exactly transpired between them were not elaborated upon further during this particular podcast session which left listeners curious about what could have possibly occurred or been discussed involving these two personalities.

Overall this edition of “The Bill Simmons Podcast” brought forth interesting insights into various aspects related with both current state and history of WWE along with entertaining anecdotes making it quite engaging listen for all those interested in world of professional wrestling.


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