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NJPW, AEW or WWE – Kenny Omega is now master of his destiny

NJPW, AEW or WWE - Kenny Omega is now master of his destiny


NJPW, AEW or WWE – Kenny Omega is now master of his destiny

For several weeks, the world of the independent circuit is crazy about the future of Kenny Omega, and since many rumors surface day after day. The one that a large majority considers the best wrestler in the world, should probably know a turning point in his career in the days or weeks to come.

The three main rumors and questions relate primarily to a start of the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion he has been working with since 2010. He was crowned IWGP Heavyweight Champion, recently lost the title to Hiroshi Tanahashi at WrestleKingdom 13 on January 4. The second rumor concerns her signature at AEW, the All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion created by Cody and the Young Bucks.

Finally, the third persistent rumor concerns an upcoming arrival at the WWE, which is no longer present. All these rumors remain and must remain at the stage of rumors for the moment since, despite some small confirmed information, the majority of these are not at this time.

NJPW: A departure more than certain?

As explained just above, for the moment we have no confirmation regarding what most says: a definite departure from the NJPW. On the other hand, this departure seems to be confirmed more than ever and the affirmation will soon be in place. Interviewed by Tokyo Sport a few days after his defeat at Tokyo Dome during WrestleKingdom 13, Kenny Omega expressed his regret for this one and announces an indisputable start of the Japanese federation:

“I take full responsibility for this loss. There is not really a place where I can be right now, so I better not be here [at the NJPW]. I can not be here working under Tanahashi. I do not think he’s surpassed me or better than me. If possible, I would like to confront him again. But I need time for myself, not just New Japan. “

This speech does not seem to reflect real frustration on the part of the former champion but rather a real desire for change. Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer also explains that his contract with the New Japan Pro Wrestling expires at the end of January, the 31. No confirmation can be made before the end of this period, a final departure. The journalist also explains that the leaders of the NJPW have got wind of this departure by discovering this interview, making them rightly very dissatisfied. Meltzer compares the situation to that of KUSHIDA, who also leaves the company to go to NXT, explaining that the federation would have preferred that Omega leave the company in the same conditions as him.

A departure seems to be confirmed for The Cleaner and the confirmation of it should occur in the coming weeks, no later than February 1, 2019, the day after the expiry of his contract with the NJPW. What will be the future of Kenny Omega following this decision?

AEW: Will Kenny Omega join the Elite?

With this departure from Japan, Kenny Omega will have to fall back on his feet. This departure, voluntary, seems to direct it to a new destination but still familiar. The All Elite Wrestling will hold its first show in the coming months and the creation of this new federation could be synonymous with a new start for Omega. A close friend of Cody and Young Bucks, the founder of the federation founded and chaired by Tony Khan, Omega is most likely to pack at home.

It is important to note that the aforementioned NJPW has decided to partner with the ROH for its future show, a decision that sets aside the AEW, contrary to persistent rumors of the two promotions allying in the near future.

On the other hand, Dave Meltzer adds to this list of rumors news, since the NJPW would have everything but want to lose their top-star, so it is possible that the NJPW decides, during the current year, to associate with the AEW to always be close to Kenny Omega. The possibility of seeing Kenny Omega both at the AEW and the NJPW was mentioned by Meltzer but he is, according to him, very unlikely that such a thing could happen.

As an aside to the AEW, it’s interesting to note that Cody and the Young Bucks have signed a 5-year contract with All Elite Wrestling. Dave Meltzer also explained that the three former stars of the NJPW did not have to invest in the promotion, fully founded by Tony Khan, previously cited.

The future of Kenny Omega could well be playing alongside his friends at AEW. The federation will hold their “Double or Nothing” rally in Jacksonville on January 8, 2018. Several signatures should be formalized during this event, that of Kenny Omega could be part of it, even if no announcement about it should emerge before February 1 as explained above.

While a departure from the NJPW is at the edge of the official and arrival to the AEW seems to be clarified, another rumor about his future is emerging but with three other letters: the WWE.

WWE: It will be played face-to-face

Become a reference in Japan and more generally on the independent circuit, Kenny Omega has necessarily become a target of choice for the WWE, which has the Canadian in his radar for some years now. This departure from the NJPW sounds like a perfect opportunity for Stamford leaders. Dave Meltzer and WrestleVotes say the WWE is very keen to welcome Kenny Omega into his workforce, and the company would have offered a huge amount of money to the man, to convince him to join his ranks.

Some rumors have emerged about this potential signature between the two parties, concerning the creative control that Kenny Omega would have over his character if he decides to join the WWE. Dave Meltzer explains that this rumor is totally unfounded since the WWE never offers (or almost) a contract with such a possibility. If The Cleaner decides to sign with the company, no creative control in his character would be granted. But WrestleVotes also reports that WWE would have done everything it could to convince Kenny Omega. The decision belongs to him now fully.

Between a frustrated New Japan, an AEW close to him and a WWE ready to bet big, Kenny Omega will have no trouble bouncing back after January 31. Even though WWE and its millions should weigh heavily, AEW will be able to count on its strong links with the wrestler in the hope of seeing him join them. The decision is now based entirely on Kenny Omega’s camp.

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