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Kenny Omega On Difference Between WWE and NJPW, More


Kenny Omega On Difference Between WWE and NJPW, More

Kenny Omega On Difference Between WWE and NJPW, More

The fighter of the New Japan Wrestling (NJPW) and the current IWGP champion of the US Kenny Omega spoke with Tokyo Sports. During the interview, Omega answered different questions about Wrestle Kingdom 12, Chris Jericho’s next competitor, other topics such as comparing WWE and NJPW. Below are the highlights (Eng translation courtesy of Chris Charlton).

About Chris Jericho and why he is still fighting today: “One must ask why Jericho has been successful in WWE for so long, although he is not in his best physical condition, he has the intelligence and mental ability to continue to be successful.”

About getting in shape to the event: “Of course, I’m sure he’s watching my matches in New Japan, and I’m sure he’s training seriously, he’ll arrive at the Tokyo Dome in the best shape he can be in right now .”

On Difference between WWE and New Japan: “WWE and New Japan, and especially me, have different conceptions of the word ‘quality.’ Has Roman Reigns ever had a fight of the year? Jericho will be fighting with the best in the world he has fought with, my level It’s very different, the guys he’s faced have called themselves the best in the world, but they’re not me.

In the first place, WWE has never had a real ‘best fighter in the world’ . In the Hulk Hogan era, there was Kenta Kobashi in Japan (in All Japan Pro-Wrestling). When they say there is someone who is the best, they refer to who is the best in WWE style. “

Message to Chris Jericho: “I will use Chris Jericho to bring my style, message and dreams to everyone.”


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