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Chris Jericho to Tetsuya Naito: “There is only one Wrestle Kingdom main event worldwide”


Chris Jericho to Tetsuya Naito: “There is only one Wrestle Kingdom main event worldwide”

Chris Jericho to Tetsuya Naito: "There is only one Wrestle Kingdom main event worldwide"

Chris Jericho commented on Tetsuya Naito’s recent comments on the battle that will be the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12. Jericho will fight back to Naito before the event on January 4th in this way. 

Naito’s remarks were the first response to Kenny Omega made for Tokyo sports on 11th November. Omega pointed out that Wrestle Kingdom is an event with two main events, emphasizing the fight and pointed out that the IWGP heavyweight title must be the last one in the show:

“Wrestle Kingdom 12 will be a show with two main leagues, the IWGP Heavyweight Championship must go in last position, Naito clearly defeated me in the G1 Climax final, but what fight will have the most impact? It would be my match regardless of whether it was the last, second to last or the first fight, even if it was the fight before the event I would have world attention, so this will be a double main event.

“When I had the Intercontinental IWGP Championship, it was the second title in the company. But that is no longer the case , right now the second one is the IWGP Championship of the United States . Some may say that it is because of Jericho, but that is not the case. Can you think of another champion he would like to challenge? I’m happy for the fight. It is not only important for me, but also for NJPW. And only I can make it possible. “

Naito answered Tokyo sports, refers to the term “double main event”, compared to the situation of Wrestle Kingdom 8, the second from the penultimate IWGP championship tournament participated in main event and IWGP championship:

“First, I’ve already gone through this, I’ve been in a ‘double main event’ once, it does not mean anything, it’s the fight before the main event .

“Second, if you really respect what you lost with me, then you should not say anything about this. You should stop messing and get to the point, saying, ‘Let me be in the main event.’ Say what you really want to say.

“Third, you’re saying that the United States Championship is now the second, not the Intercontinental. So you and Jericho, along with Jay White and Hiroshi Tanahashi should be the ‘double semi main event’ , right? Perhaps the United States Championship is receiving more attention outside, but who will they look at Tokyo Dome? “

Jericho came out and answered Naito’s remarks:

“Naito, I’m not sure who you are, but do not make mistakes … Worldwide, there’s only ONE MAIN EVENT for Wrestle Kingdom 12. ”

Wrestle Kingdom 12 will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on January 4, 2018.

Chris Erico will face Kenny Omega, one of the most outstanding fights at the IWGP Championship, Jericho’s final match? For him, Kazuko Okada will defend the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Tetsuya Naito, the winner of G1 Climax 27 at the main event.



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