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Chris Jericho: “Wrestle Kingdom is going to be a sad day for Kenny Omega and his followers”


Chris Jericho: “Wrestle Kingdom is going to be a sad day for Kenny Omega and his followers”

The English channel of YouTube of New Japan Pro Wrestling has recently uploaded an interview with Chris Jericho on the occasion of his next fight against Kenny Omega. You can see the full interview in the above video. Below are the highlights of the interview:

His opinion on combat:

“This fight is very important to me, and very interesting because it’s a fight that nobody thought would happen, it’s very similar to the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor, you take two big stars from two separate places and put them in a combat that no one thought it would happen, so for me it’s exciting, after twenty-seven years in wrestling. I think it’s exciting for fans worldwide and New Japan, and I think it gives Kenny a new look at his career. I’ve never fought with Kenny Omega before. I understand how great Kenny Omega is, everybody talks about Kenny Omega, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to have this fight because the timing for this fight is perfect. It could not have happened last year, it probably will not happen next year, this is the time for Alpha against Omega, this is the time for Kenny against Jericho. “

“He comes from the same city as me, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and for me, there’s a special connection in. In essence, he grew up in Japan, and so do I. This January is my Japan tour number fifty-two, I think we are not the typical foreigners, we have a kind of Japanese sense of honor, we are almost Japanese honorary, and it is also a test for me, because everybody is talking about Kenny Omega, about how great he is, about how he is better fighting machine, I do not like that, I do not like to hear that, because it draws attention away from me, it makes people think that there is someone on the planet who is better than me, someone with the potential to be the best of all times, when I am the best of all time. All those are the reasons why I want to face Kenny Omega, and do it in his field, do it in Japan. And if you’re going to do it in Japan, the only place big enough to have the Alpha against Omega is the Tokyo Dome. “

On His experience against Omega’s experience:

“Kenny Omega has a great style, he’s very good, he has the style of New Japan, but I have the New Japan style, the Mexican style, the European style, the ECW style, the WCW style and more importantly, WWE style, six times world champion, Kenny has never been close to that, it’s a totally different world, Kenny Omega is a planet and Chris Jericho is the whole universe, I’m the Aplha, it’s against Omega, it’s not just a phrase It is normal that someone like Kenny thinks that someone like Jericho can not handle his style, because he has been great here in New Japan, but he has been great with Okada, Naito, and Tanahashi. or six guys who are great, I’ve been great against fifty guys, against hundreds of Hall of Famers, some of the best of all time. Kenny Omega is not even capable of tying my boots when it comes to this kind of respect, that kind of experience, that kind of knowledge that I have. “

Ending Omega’s NJPW career:

“You no longer see blood in a New Japan or WWE ring, the business has changed and it is no longer about that. What I think is that it makes it much more impressive. When I hit Kenny’s head with the United States Championship and made him bleed, I liked it, it made me happy, it gave me energy, it made me feel alive, and it also changed the idea of what this fight is going to be for me. At first, I thought that if Kenny can have a seven-star bout, I can have one of eight or nine or the first ten-star bout. Alpha against Omega, make the Okada against Omega look like a match to open the night between two rookies. But then, after Fukuoka and the press conference in Tokyo the next day, it was so violent and intense, it’s a fight that you will not see again in New Japan. It’s going to be a different fight from any other in the Tokyo Dome, and I like that because it’s going to stand out.

You’re going to see the last fight in Kenny Omega’s race in New Japan happen at Wrestle Kindom 12, thanks to me, can you imagine all the NJPW fans crying, women crying, children crying, fans twenty years ago? crying when the career of his hero Kenny Omega is over Can you imagine how that will make me feel? It will make me feel like the king of the world, it’s what I am, the best in the world. All the times, the Alpha, that’s what Chris Jericho is, all the NJPW fans, every NJPW costume fighter is going to learn a lesson, and it’s going to be a sad day for Kenny Omega and his followers in the Wrestle Kingdom. I guarantee it. “


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