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Kenny Omega: “Chris, you’re going to have to kill me if you want to win”


Kenny Omega: “Chris, you’re going to have to kill me if you want to win”

The official English channel of New Japan Pro Wrestling has recently published an interview with the United States Champion IWGP, Kenny Omega, on the occasion of his future fight against Chris Jericho. You can see the full interview in the above video. Below are the highlights:

His opinion when Chris Jericho challenged him:

“Everybody knows that I’ve looked for the right challenger, someone to raise this belt, I want to choose my own opponents, every time I’ve tried, it’s failed, so Chris, when I saw your video for the first time, I could not do more than feel excited, it’s what I was expecting, it’s a great opportunity, not just for me, not just for this belt, this has become a great opportunity for all the wrestling, we’re used to making history. happier.”

To have been inspired by Chris Jericho during his career:

“You know, when my career started, of course, I wanted to emulate yours, Chris, I wanted to be exactly like you, we’re both from Winnipeg, we’re Winnipeg kids, if someone from Winnipeg can do what you did, then I can do it too. I was also from Winnipeg, I was from a small city, and I had big dreams, and I saw you do it, I saw you walk the way to the top through the independent circuit, from Mexico, from Japan, from ECW, from WCW, and finally get to WWE, you became a big star, and you finally made it, all on your own merits, that’s exactly the kind of man I wanted to be. “

Whether or not he feels respect for Chris Jericho after he attacked him in Fukuoka:

“Actually, I respect and even appreciate Chris’ attack from behind, and that’s why I appreciate you because your brain has always been your greatest virtue, you’ve always been an intelligent man, you’ve always found a way to be the center of attention. And I appreciate you for attacking me from behind, for making me bleed, because it’s something I thought you would not be able to do, but you did what you had to do. so when I say I ‘m not going to respect this combat, it’s not because I do not respect you as a human, it’s not because I do not respect you as a worker, in fact, I think I respect you more than ever, because if I respect you during combat, I’ll lose. “

“You’ve taken this to a level that I never thought would come in. This has become a monstrosity much greater than I could have imagined, and the only way to fight this monster is to get to the physical.” So Chris, when I say I can no longer respect you, it’s for my own safety, I have a company to carry on my back, so as far as Tokyo Dome is concerned, you’ve already shown your cards, thanks, and Chris, just like in Fukuoka At the Tokyo Dome, I’m going to leave you in a bloodbath, except it’s not going to be just blood, you’re going to be embarrassed, you’re going to be humiliated and you’re going to be alone. “

His combat getting closer to a fight than to a wrestling match :

“You know, until now I’ve been the best and I’ve done it by offering the most athletic matches, they’ve been stories from my heart, coming from a very dark place, but I’ve always counted on my athletic ability. a ring of New Japan. I have not seen violence like this since I was a child, watching the old wrestling my territory. you do not see it. everyone is trying to be the best, everyone is trying to give a great fight, everyone is trying, do it being a gentleman or a lady. “

“Chris, you reminded me that the essence of wrestling is a fight, so Chris, at the conference I told everyone that you had unleashed my true potential, you released something that I did not even know I had. Chris, you reminded me that the essence of wrestling is a fight. I can give the best matches all day, I win them every year. This is going to be something different. I’m not going to look for the technical and athletic fight you’re used to seeing. What I’m going to look for, Chris, is a fight, man to man, to show who is the strongest. So at the press conference, I told everyone that they would see a new Kenny Omega, one they had never seen, one that I never thought I would have a chance to show. And that’s the Kenny Omega that’s going to be present at the Tokyo Dome, it’s the Kenny Omega willing to fight and give everything. “

“You know, until now I have been known as ‘the best fighting machine.’ Since 2008, I’ve been winning the best combat of the year awards every year, it has not stopped, last year, I received ten or twelve awards for big matches I’ve had around the world, this year is not going to be different, and that’s the question, which is why I’m going to be remembered, for being a boy in Japan who gives good battles, and you’ll be remembered as a legend , a great So, maybe I really have to thank you, because you’ve released this new Kenny that’s going to raise my status. “

“You will not have the athletic machine that guarantees you the best combat of the night, of the year, of the decade or of all times, you will have someone willing to fight and die to change the world of wrestling. Thank you, Chris, maybe as a fighter I’m not as strong as you, I do not know, I’ve never done this, but at Tokyo Dome, I’m going to give everything, and you’ll have to kill me if you want to win. “

Your opinion on Chris Jericho’s statements about making this the last fight of Kenny Omega:

“I heard you in the press conference Chris, you said it would be my last fight in New Japan. Are you going to withdraw injuring mine? Are you going to end my career and my life? Or do you have another mission? Want to take me to the promised land, you want me to fight on the biggest stage of all for the father of entertainment sports … Is that it? Let me warn you, Chris, I can not be bought, my dreams are bigger than money and fame. My goal is to change the wrestling, and you have a key role in that Chris, but once you fulfill your purpose, you will not be needed anymore, so Chris, this will probably be your last fight in Japan. you demand too much, if you press me, this could be your last fight. “

The part of the fight that most attracts fans:

“For almost a decade, I’ve been fighting in Japan, and it was my choice, I wanted to be here, this is where I wanted to have the best years of my career, but the commitment to be a fighter in Japan, especially coming from fighting in the circuit. Independent, it ‘s a lonely journey, I had no one at my side, and I was alone, but like everyone who is alone, I had the opportunity to start with tranquility and make new friends, I guess there are also opportunities to generate new enemies. So there were good and bad moments. “

“As time went by, I lost everything, and in the moments when I had something that I enjoyed, I had to sacrifice it to become the best.” So when it came time to face Kazuchika Okada at the Tokyo Dome, he did have Nothing to lose, so I was willing to give it all in the ring, ready to die in front of all the fans in the Tokyo Dome, it could have been my retirement fight, I wanted to be sure to give a fight that I was proud of, so When I fought against Okada, I wanted to show not only the fruits of my work, I wanted to show the years of training, of pain and loneliness, but I also wanted to channel the emotions of a happy place, I did not want it to be a violent fight. of wrestling and what I was capable of. And that combat became one of the greatest masterpieces of my career. And in a way, it was the first step of the slogan of changing the world. “

“Chris Jericho is coming alone, and he has changed the message, he has turned the beauty that I tried to create into something terrifying and dark, and I have no choice but to face him, I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous about going down this road, I do not like things violent, I do not even know if I can fight, I know we play on your turf Chris, but if we’re going to change the world, it’s a necessary evil. And if I have to fight for what I believe in, if I have to fight to make New Japan a global brand, if I have to fight to prove that Kenny Omega’s style is the best on the planet, defeat yourself on your own game is all I can do. So when you’re lying, broken, in the remains of the man you used to be, reconsidering all the decisions of your life, remember Chris Jericho, that you made the first blood, not me. “


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