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NJPW Would be Interested in Hiring Bill Goldberg


NJPW Would be Interested in Hiring Bill Goldberg

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The Japanese company New Japan Pro Wrestling would have set its sights on signing the WWE legend, Goldberg, according to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and has confirmed Dave Meltzer in the last newsletter of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It would not be the first time we would see him in Japan, he already had an experience in Japan, when he spent a year participating for the promoter AJPW (All-Japan Pro Wrestling).

Goldberg, who recently has been nominated to enter as a member of the Hall of Fame of WWE 2018, could be the fighter that seeks the Japanese company to take a step in its expansion to the United States. The goal with his signature would be that the 51-year-old former champion could fight and be one of the visible faces of the expansion of NJPW.

As pointed out by Sports Illustrated, the intense, aggressive and physical fighting style, although in the short term due to its age, could have increased interest in it and could be an interesting piece to build bridges with America. New Japan is establishing itself as a good place for talents not found in the WWE, and the addition of Goldberg could give more interest to other fighters in belonging to the company.

However, as Dave Meltzer points out, WWE could have plans for Goldberg ahead of Wrestlemania 34, which would mean signing a short-term contract, as it did last year. Meltzer said in the Observer that the creatives of the company have in mind many battles in which John Cena, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman and even Kurt Angle would be involved.


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