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Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results from Tokyo Dome, Kenny Omega def. Chris Jericho, More


Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results from Tokyo Dome, Kenny Omega def. Chris Jericho, More

JerichovsOmega fhfgh - Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results from Tokyo Dome, Kenny Omega def. Chris Jericho, MoreNew Japan Pro Wrestling opens 2018 with one of the most anticipated professional wrestling events. Wrestle Kingdom 12 will be held at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. In this news, we will provide live coverage, so if you want to read everything that happens you will have to update this page. You can follow the show from the official platform of the company, New Japan World, where there are also comments in English with Kevin Kelly and Don Callis.

The event has Started with the New Japan Rumble.

New Japan Rumble: Masahito Kakihara defeated 21 participants.

Empiza Katsuya Kitamura against BUSHI. BUSHI attacks with traps and hangs the Young Lion with his shirt. Enter Delirious. Lariats to BUSHI and Kitamura, but Kitamura does not sell the blows. Enter Leo Tonga. Tonga comes in cleaning the ring and focusing on Kitamura. Enter Manabu Nakanishi. Run as you can to the ring and go to BUSHI, who attacks his eyes. Enter Chase Owens. Owens attacks Kitamura but Delirious spider tries to finisher but takes a Package Piledriver and eliminated by the count of three. Enter Yuji Nagata while Nakanishi eliminates BUSHI over the third string with an Argentine Backbreaker. Nagata beats Tonga with kicks and Owens, Exploder to Owens and goes for Nakanishi. Exchange of blows. Spear by Nakanishi and Argentine Backbreaker. He throws it over Leo Tonga and they cover for the count of three. Meanwhile, TAKA Michinoku enters. Argentine Backbreaker that escapes Nagata. Enzuigiri and Nagata cover Nakanishi. Kitamura and Owens use a fallen Nakanishi to cover Nagata. Package Piledriver from Owens to Kitamura to eliminate the Young Lion.

Owens is left with TAKA. Enter Yoshinobu Kanemaru with the help of TAKA. Enter The Desperado, while Owens tries to eliminate TAKA and Kanemaru. The Desperado joins the attack. Kanemaru takes the Whiskey, spits on Owens and eliminates it over the third string. Enter Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Liger enters distributing Shoes and Backbreakers. Special Romero to El Desperado. TAKA and Kanemaru attack Liger. They try to break the mask, but Tiger Mask IV comes to his aid. The Desperado tries to unmask him. Tiger turns around and tries to take the mask from The Desperado. Tiger Driver to El Desperado and enters Gino Gambino. The Desperado covers Liger and Kanemaru covers Tiger Mask. Both masked have lost their masks. Kanemaru eliminated and the Desperado by reversing the three counts. Lariat de Gino and TAKA removed. Enter Henare. Henare controls Gambino with a great Samoa Drop. Enter YOSHI-HASHI. HASHI begins focusing with chops against Henare. Enter David Finlay . while Henare dominates the encounter. Henare goes to Gambino. Prima Nocta to Gambino and account for three. YOSHI places Henare on the ropes, Dropkick and eliminated. Finlay turns into a quick account and eliminates YOSHI.

Enter Yujiro Takahashi. Finlay avoids the elimination, but Lariat and Yujiro take it out over the third string. Enter Cheeseburger. Yujiro attacks him at the entrance. Cheese’s Bulldog, but it’s not enough. Enter Satoshi Kojima. Koji Cutter to Yujiro, Yujiro escapes, and Fisherman Buster. Enter Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Yujiro attacks him but takes the Mongolian Chops. Yujiro bites Tenzan and hits him. Enter Masahito Kakihara, of the old UWF. TenKoji Cutter to Yujiro and Kojima ends with the Lariat to eliminate Yujiro. Machine Gun Chops from Cheese, but Kojima returns it to him. Kakihara kicks, but Kojima dominates. TenKoji collides in a charge and both hit their rivals. Kojima and Tenzan eliminated above the third string when Kakihara and Cheese dodge them. The encounter between Cheese and Kakihara in the final. Cheese hits, Superkick and Shotei fail. Kaki Cutter and victory for the count of three and victory for Masahito Kakihara. (31:06)

Kakihara closes the segment remembering Takiyama and sending support for him. The theme of Takayama sounds.

Introductory video and Jurina Matsui, ambassador of Wrestle Kingdom and singer of SKE 48 welcomes the event.

IWGP Junior Weight Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) defeated Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) (c) / c Rocky Romero to be crowned NEW CHAMPIONS

Matt starts taunting YOH but receives a Sharpshooter. Nick and SHO enter and take two Sharpshooters. Fight and Double Electric Char and Roppongi Dropkick. Joint movements of the champions and Double Top with Turn out of Roppongi. German Suplex from the edge of Nick’s ring to YOH and Powerbomb on the Romero entrance ramp. The Bucks attack YOH’s back. Powerbomb on the edge of the ring from Matt to YOH. Matt falls out of the ring and hurts his back. Enter Nick and Backbreaker to YOH. Matt goes up the ramp with YOH and tries a Powerbomb but YOH throws Matt. YOH departs and Matt takes a Nick’s Suicide Dive. Enter SHO and Frankensteiner. Suplex to Matt and dominate with kicks to Nick. Nick’s nudge and change to Matt. Several German Suplex of SHO and double German Suplex to the Bucks. They prepare the 3K but Matt saves his brother. Double knee and Nick’s Superkicks. The champions respond and look for the 3K, but Nick’s DDT. They exchange blows. YOH and Matt are in the ring and are attacked on the back. Powerbomb to the cornerback and Swanton with YOH leaning on the ropes. Matt’s Sharpshooter, Facebuster from Nick to YOH. YOH escapes the submission. Matt cannot with the More Bun for Your Buck and turn into a quick account. Sharpshooter of YOH and Half Boston of SHO. Nick throws SHO against his partner to get rid. They attack the other’s partner. Nick’s Superkick and is launched in Screw. Matt’s Superkick and they look for the Inditaker. Meltzer Driver and Nick’s Sharpshooter. YOH surrenders. (18:49) Powerbomb to the cornerback and Swanton with YOH leaning on the ropes. Matt’s Sharpshooter, Facebuster from Nick to YOH. YOH escapes the submission. Matt cannot with the More Bun for Your Buck and turn into a quick account. Sharpshooter of YOH and Half Boston of SHO. Nick throws SHO against his partner to get rid. They attack the other’s partner. Nick’s Superkick and is launched in Screw. Matt’s Superkick and they look for the Inditaker. Meltzer Driver and Nick’s Sharpshooter. YOH surrenders. (18:49) Matt’s Superkick and they look for the Inditaker. Meltzer Driver and Nick’s Sharpshooter. YOH surrenders. (18:49) YOH surrenders. (18:49) YOH surrenders. (18:49)

NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship – CHAOS (Beretta, Toru Yano and Tomohiro Ishii) defeated Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale) (c), Taguchi Japan (Ryusuke Taguchi, Juice Robinson and Togi Makabe ), War Machine (Hanson, Raymond Rowe) and Michael Elgin and Suzuki-gun (Zack Saber Jr., Takashi Iizuka and Taichi) to be crowned NEW CHAMPIONS

They start War Machine / Elgin vs. Suzuki-gun They fight at the entrance. The Americans impose themselves with force against the traps of Suzuki-gun. Taichi interferes and enters Hanson against Saber. Strong blows of Rowe and Backbreaker. Moonssault of Hanson failed. PK of Saber. Thor’s Hammer from War Machine to Iizuka. TAKA takes out the referee and Iizuka enters with the Iron Finger From Hell avoiding the Fallout. Armbar with Saber Triangle Hold to win by submission.

Enter CHAOS. Fight at the entrance and Taichi goes for Yano. PK of Saber. Iizuka tries to interfere, Yano throws Taichi against Iizuka and quickly covers for the count of three.

Enter Taguchi Japan. Initial attack to Juice, who is replenished with punches. Yano throws the protector and Lariat de Juice. Lariats from corner to corner of Makabe. Lariat to Yano and Barreta saves. Powerslam of Makabe and Taguchi enters. Taguchi’s Swan Dive Hip Attack but it’s not enough. Lariats de Makabe, the plate of Juice and Taguchi try the Hip Attack. Yano avoids it and covers it in the account of three.

The Club enters and dominates at the beginning. Fale collides with the cornerback. Ishii finishes Tonga and hits Fale. Strong blows from Ishii and Fale and Brainbuster from Ishii. Fale recovers and GOD enters Tongan Twist to Barreta. Moonsault of Barreta but Gun Stun of Tonga to the fall. Barreta reverses an attempt by Gun Stun and Dudebuster for victory.

Kota Ibushi defeated Cody/c Brandi Rhodes

Equal start in which Cody quickly searches for the American Nightmare. Ibushi’s Frankensteiner and Iron out, but Cody protects himself with Brandi Rhodes. Cody attacks treason and Brandi is alive. Disaster Kick and two counts. Punishment on the shoulders of Ibushi and Full Nelson Lock. Cody attacks the back of the neck and Brandi arrives with a chair. Blows to the back of Ibushi with the chair. Ibushi escapes and Sliding Baseball Kick. Golden Triangle Moonsault from Japan. Kota kicks and Moonsault Press. Brandi intervenes and they pass to the edge of the ring. Cross Rhodes out of the ring. Ibushi arrives before the count of 20. Climb the corner and Swan Dive Frankensteiner of Cody. Cody looks for his finisher but Ibushi throws him against the head corner. Strong blows from Ibushi and Last Ride Powerbomb. The Kamigoye and Rainmaker of Cody fail. Cody fails the Disaster Kick, Enzuigiri of Ibushi. Cody avoids Kamigoye, but German Suplex and Kamigoye. Phoenix Splash for the count of three.

IWGP Tag Team Championship: The Ungovernables of Japan (EVIL and SANADA) defeated Killer Elite Squad (Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.) to become NEW CHAMPIONS

KES quickly apply a Killer Bomb to EVIL, but SANADA avoids the count of three. They attack SANADA out of the ring and come back for EVIL. Smith and Archer outperform their rivals with Smith taking out SANADA over the third rope. They attack the Young Lion. Archer chokeslam to EVIL out of the ring against SANADA and the Young Lion. Guillotine Body Press to SANADA. SANADA tries to reach EVIL but they will not let him. Archer hangs SANADA with a shirt. Archer’s Uranage. The domain is lengthened until SANADA uses a Frankensteiner and enters EVIL, cleaning the ring and laying down Archer with a Lariat. Archer’s Uranage from the third string. Dropkick from SANADA to Smith. An attempt by Moonsauklt and SANADA connect the Skull End. Archer’s Chokeslam to SANADA followed by Smith’s Backdrop Hold. EVIL saves but Hart Attack of the champions. Killer Bomb to SANADA, but it’s not enough. They try another but EVIL avoids it. EVIL to Archer. Magic Killer to Smith and account two. Moonsault from SANADA to Smith for victory at the count of three.

NEVER Openweight Championship – Hair vs. Title Deathmatch: Hirooki Goto defeated Minoru Suzuki (c) to become NEW CHAMPION. As a result, Suzuki lost her hair.

Strong shots from the start and Suzuki’s Sleeper Hold, which goes up to the corner. Goto faints and doctors review him. Suzuki continues to attack Goto outside the ring. Suzuki attacks Goto with a chair. Return to the ring Suzuki attacks Goto with kicks. Goto chops, but Suzuki reduces it with a nudge. More kicks from Suzuki, he looks for the Penalty Kick and Goto stops him, but Suzuki hits Goto in the face. Goto’s Muramasa followed by a Bulldog. Backdrop Hold for the count of two. Goto looks for the Ushigoroshi and Suzuki transforms it into a Guillotine and a Sleeper Hold. Suzuki looks for his finisher but Goto avoids it. Suzuki sleeper and Goto get to use the Ushigoroshi. Suzuki-gun tries to enter. Taichi passes with a chair, but YOSHI-HASHI stops him. Suzuki uses a Dropkick. Suzuki hits Goto and Sleeper Hold. Goto avoids the Gotch-Style Piledriver and uses a strong Lariat at the corner. They go up to the corner, headbutting Suzuki and Guillotine. Goto lifts Suzuki and Ushigoroshi from the third string. Goto looks for the GTR, but Suzuki avoids it. Nudges between Suzuki and Goto. Goto Headbutt Inverted GTR and Goto ends with a GTR for victory.

Suzuki tries to leave without peeling but finally returns. Suzuki sits and shaves her hair, as a result of the fight.

During the break, New Japan announces that they will return to the Nippon Budokan during the final three days of the G1 Climax.

IWGP Junior Weight Championship – Fatal 4-Way: Will Ospreay defeated Marty Scurll (c), KUSHIDA and Hiromu Takahashi to be crowned NEW CHAMPION

KUSHIDA and Ospreay begin, beating the rest. Scurll tries to interfere, but Hiromu’s quick account. Double Handspring Kick by Ospreay. Ospreay jumps on KUSHIDA and distributes Frankensteiners and Dropkick to Hiromu. Scurll enters attacking and Superkick to Hiromu out. Handspring Kick of KUSHIDA and jump into Senton from the corner out. Ospreay climbs to a stand outside the ring and launches into Moonsault. Corner Dropkick of Ospreay and KUSHIDA uses a quick account after a movement of English. KUSHIDA catches Ospreay with an Armbar and Scurll looks for a quick account. Attacks the fingers of KUSHIDA and Tornado DDT to Ospreay. Chickenwing by Scurll and Hoverboard Lock by KUSHIDA. Superkick to the knee of Scurll and Enzuigiri of Ospreay. Various movements in a moment of chaos that ends with the four lying in the ring. Everyone is hit but kicks from Scurll and Ospreay. Gamengiri, try the OsCutter but Scurll receives it with the Chickenwing. Moonsault of KUSHIDA. Hiromu throws KUSHIDA on the cornerback.

Nandos Kick between Scurll and Ospreay and KUSHIDA. Shooting Star Press that Scurll receives in a Cutrer followed by a Brainbuster to the knee. OsCutter from Scurll to Ospreay and Hiromu saves. Scurll ties Hiromu to a fence outside the ring and attacks the fingers. Rolling Armbar from the third string, but Ospreay does not give up. Powerbomb to the cornerback. Scurll throws powder to KUSHIDA, Back to the Future and it becomes a meeting. Hiromu enters, Powerbomb out, Dynamite Plunger and between Scurll and Ospreay they end him. Scurll and Ospreay try an alliance, but it fails them. Hiromu remains with both of them and launches Scurll on a DVD on the edge of the ring. Sunset Flip Bomb from KUSHIDA to Hiromu and Ospreay launches out with a Shooting Star Press. Prepare Hiromu for the Inverted 450, but Hiromu does not fall. Hiromu avoids the OscCutter and Lariat. Time Bomb to Ospreay but Scurll takes the referee out. Scurll attacks with the umbrella and C4 from Ospreay. OsCutter to Scurll and victory for Ospreay. (20:18)

IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) defeated Jay White to retain the Title

Start equal, but Tanahashi misses an Iron out and hurts his knee. White attacks the fences. White works the left knee with an Indian Deathlock. The dominion continues until Tanahashi responds with a Dragon Screw, Senton from the second rope of Tanahashi. White attacks the knee but Tanahashi places him against the ropes and Dragon Screw. Another Dragon Screw on the ropes. High Fly Flow out of the ring. White equals and manages to transform into a German Suplex. Brainbuster on the edge of the ring. White reduces Tanahashi with chops at the corner. Slaps of Tanahashi and White throws him against the cornerback. Backdrop Hold and Death Valley Driver Climb the cornerback, miss Missile Dropkick and Dragon Screw of Tanahashi.

The champion goes up to the corner, White follows him. Twist and Shout of Tanahashi from the corner. Try the Dragon Suplex and hit White. White connects a Half Nelson Suplex, but Slingblade of Tanahashi. Another Slingblade for the count of two. Body Press of Tanahashi followed by a failed High Fly Flow. White places Tanahashi and nudges him. Kiwi Crusher for the count of two. White Blade Runner turned into a Dragon Suplex of Tanahashi. Tanahashi’s High Fly Flow on White’s back and another High Fly Flow for victory at the count of three.

IWGP United States Championship – No disqualification match: Kenny Omega (c) defeated Chris Jericho to RETAIN the Title.

Jericho attacks Omega right after the fight. Omega beats Jericho, but Jericho pushes the referee and attacks Omega’s eyes. Chops of Jericho and Omega. Omega tries a Frankensteiner and Jericho transforms into the Walls of Jericho. Omega escapes launches into Sliding Baseball Kick and pulls Jericho over the fences. Omega jumps beyond the fences and falls against the commentator’s table. Walls of Jericho. Jericho attacks the referee and a Young Lion. Omega intervenes and attacks with a chair and the monitor. They pass between the commentators attacking each other. Omega climbs to a light stand and launches into Diving Foot Stomp. Suplex from a fence and both enter the ring. Dropkick to Omega while jumping on the ropes, falling against them. Jericho pulls out a table and looks for a Powerbomb. Powerbomb towards the ground outside the ring. Diving Elbow from Jericho’s cornerback. Coiloca a chair in the corner Dropkick from the second rope.

Jericho’s Lionsault for the count of two. Frankensteiner from Omega and take out Jericho. Top with Omega Turns towards the entrance of the ring. Omega bulldog followed by an Aoi Shoujo. Jericho avoids a V-Trigger with an attempt by Walls of Jericho. V-Trigger, Jericho turns a Dragon Suplex into a Walls of Jericho. Omega takes a spray can and uses it. Throw the referee against Omega. Omega falls head first into the corner chair. More blows to the chair. Omega bleeds. Jericho focuses on Omega but V-Trigger. Dragon Supplies Jericho.Rolling Kick and Dragon Suplex. Jericho hits the chair. Use another against Omega. Omega Dropkick to Jericho against the chair when he was at the cornerback. V-Trigger and Jericho fall against the table outside the ring.

V-Triggers to Jericho. Omega uses a Double Underhook Piledriver. Jericho turns a One-Winged Angel into a Walls of Jericho. Omega fights and arrives on the ropes. Try the Omega Codebreaker and V-Triggers. One-Winged Angel but Jericho grabs the rope. Jericho attacks Omega over the cornerback, but Omega throws him against him. Omega V-Trigger followed by Rolling Senton. Jericho codebreaker for the count of two. Jericho attacks with a chair try the Lionsault but Omega throws the chair. Take Jericho on the ropes and One-Winged Angel on the chair for the count of three. (34:36)

IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) defeated Tetsuya Naito to RETAIN the Title.

Split start, with Naito doing his pose of Tranquil Dropkick to the neck. Corner combo that Okada turns into a Dropkick over the third string. They go out of the ring and Naito applies a Neckbreaker against the fence. Back to the ring, Naito takes out Okada and Neckbreaker at the edge of the ring. Swan Dive Missile Kick. Naito attacks the neck and spits Okada. Backbreaker to the knee followed by a Dropkick to the neck. Corner Dropkick combo. Naito continues to damage the nape of Okada. Naito reduces with a Cravate Headlock. Okada surprises with a DDT to recover. The champion takes out Naito and cares to give a big Big Boot. DDT with Naito leaning on the fences. Return to the ring Naito manages to avoid Okada and executes another Neckbreaker to the knee. Inverted DDT. Naito follows the domain but Flapjack from Okada. Reverse Neckbreaker Okada prepares and launches in Diving Elbow Drop. Okada tries the Rainmaker and looks for the Cobra Clutch until he manages to fit it. After fighting, Naito manages to reach the ropes.

Naito takes out Okada, places him on the edge of the ring, climbs the ropes and Hangman Neckbreaker. They go up to the third string and Reverse Frankensteiner. Glory of Naito, but fails the Stardust Press. Exchange of blows that is settled with Naito beating Okada. Big Boot but Rolling Koppu Kick of Naito. John Woo Dropkick from Okada. Naito’s Jumping Elbow Attack and both are lying. They climb to the corner and Okada hits Naito. Okada tries a Missile Kick but Naito moves away and looks for the Stardust Press. German Suplex to Naito, try the Rainmaker and get it fit. Naito tries the Enzuigiri but falls exhausted. Cobra Clutch of Okada, but Naito escapes and Destiny. They exchange blows, with Okada falling and Naito spitting at him. Naito converts a Reverse Neckbreaker into a Frankensteiner. Try the Destiny and Rainmaker.

Okada avoids another Destiny with more hits. Okada dropkick. Okada searches and Tombstone Piledriver. Rainmaker and Naito take out a Destination. Search for another Destination but Okada becomes a Tombstone. Rainmaker final of Okada and count of three.


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