Before he was dismissed from All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk had been referring to himself as the ‘Real’ World Champion. This led many fans to speculate that a showdown with MJF was in the offing. However, following CM Punk’s termination from AEW due to an incident at All In 2023 involving Jack Perry, it appears the company decided on an MJF vs Samoa Joe match instead.

The wrestling world is no stranger to unexpected twists and turns, both inside and outside of the ring. The sudden firing of CM Punk – who had not only claimed but also defended his self-proclaimed title as the ‘Real’ World Champion – sent shockwaves through fans and industry insiders alike. His potential face-off with MJF was highly anticipated by many given their undeniable chemistry and talent.

However, plans quickly changed after what has now become known as the infamous “All In 2023” incident involving Jack Perry. It is still unclear exactly what transpired during this event, but its repercussions have undeniably altered AEW’s trajectory.

In light of these developments, it seems AEW made a swift decision: slotting Samoa Joe into what would presumably have been CM Punk’s spot against MJF. While some may argue that this matchup lacks the same hype or anticipation that a bout between MJF and Punk might have generated – there’s no denying Samoa Joe brings his unique brand of intensity to any fight.

Samoa Joe is widely respected within professional wrestling for his hard-hitting style and never-say-die attitude 🏋️‍♂️ . These qualities make him more than capable of stepping up into such a high-profile match under unusual circumstances.

MJF too has proven time-and-time again why he deserves top billing in any promotion with his unparalleled ability on mic coupled with impressive athleticism inside ring ropes.

While we’ll never know how an encounter between CM Punk & MJF could’ve played out, the prospect of Samoa Joe vs MJF is equally intriguing. Both wrestlers have their distinct styles and personas that are sure to create an electrifying atmosphere when they finally face off.

In conclusion, despite the unexpected shake-up due to CM Punk’s departure from AEW, fans can still look forward to a thrilling match between Samoa Joe and MJF. The wrestling world may be full of surprises but one thing remains certain – it never fails to entertain.


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