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Pro-Wrestling Resurrection, the new wrestling promoter in Mexico

Pro-Wrestling Resurrection, the new wrestling promoter in Mexico


Pro-Wrestling Resurrection, the new wrestling promoter in Mexico

Mexico City – A new luchistic company has emerged and aims to rescue the rules and the essence of wrestling. Pro-Wrestling Resurrection (WR) will begin activities on Saturday, March 30 at the López Mateos Arena in Tlalnepantla, with a concept that stands out for its critical stance on the way in which wrestling is currently practiced, which they have expressed to through their social networks.

Although they have not yet presented the poster of what will be their inaugural event (they have only announced the return of the international couple of Los Mexitosos, Ricky Marvin and Super Crazy), they have made their line clear through an unfolding, which they have released together with their Internal Regulations, which they promise to apply when the occasion merits. This is the official statement announcing the arrival in the industry of this new independent luchistic option:

“For a long time Mexican professional wrestling has experienced a decomposition, infested attitudes and events that have deteriorated its credibility: struggles where there is the relay, in which the wrestlers enter objects into the ring without being stipulated as hardcore, illegal interventions in front of the authority without there being disqualification, rude or technical refusals that take away the protagonist of the athletes and many other vices that have disrupted what originally had to be the professional practice of wrestling.

Pro-Wrestling Resurrection (WR) was born as a new option in independent wrestling, seeking to contribute to honoring and glory return to show sport. We use the term Wrestling because we conceive wrestling of the whole world as one after it has been integrated as such in a globalized era where wrestling, Lucha Libre and Puroresu walk hand in hand. We are Resurrection because we want to give our best to help build a new, solid, logical and authentic warrior wrestling. The resurgence of wrestling that many people expect around the world.

For these reasons we will start our activities as a promoter on Saturday, March 30 at the López Mateos Arena in Tlalnepantla, and from that date, we will operate with the following Internal Regulations:

  • A fighter who disrespects or attacks the referee intentionally (judging by the Board of Directors) will be suspended or dismissed according to the seriousness of the fault.
  • Here referees will be, in effect, the highest authority on the ring and will not have sides. The referee who takes sides or does not behave as required by his investiture will be suspended from our events and if he recurs he will be dismissed permanently.
  • If a referee observes the intrusion of an unscheduled fighter or the use of an illegal object or maneuver, he will be required to disqualify immediately. Otherwise, proceed with the sanctions described above.
  • It will be obligatory for referees to carry out a review of each participant fighter before starting the fight.
  • In WR the referees will be rotating. The authority over the ring will change event to event to avoid vices and biases.
  • In the WR events, the submission keys will be revalidated. To promote this we will implement the “WR Submission Match” modality in which you can only win by means of a key.
  • In WR we want the relay to return. Therefore, when one or more members of a team enter the ring without giving it, the referee will reprimand and if not obeyed, a 10-second count will begin. If the fighters who entered illegally do not return to their corner at the end of said count, the referee may decide whether to proceed with the elimination of that fighter (being his partner in handicap) or with the disqualification for the infringing partner. This rule, initially, will only apply in the battles of simple relays (pairs).
  • At WR, announcers will work seriously. They will share specific data of each fighter, such as their place of origin, weight, and championships they hold before mentioning their name.
  • In WR there will be periodic MMA combats.
  • In WR the public is the most important thing and not only we will say it with words, but with facts. For this reason, we will use our social networks to probe which encounters they want to see and we will program them. The public will be at all times the heart of the movement that we are initiating.


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