It’s Sunday and, as is the tradition on eWrestlingNews, we’re back with our weekly round-up of the “Top 25 Instagram Photos of the Week”. This week, like every other, we have added in many additional photos for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s selection includes some of the most well-known and exciting names in the business. From Gigi Dolin to Emma, Becky Lynch, Maxxine Dupri, Liv Morgan, Carmella and more, we’ve captured them all in their element, giving fans a glimpse into their lives both inside and outside the ring. 📸

Gigi Dolin, an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE on the NXT brand, has been making waves with her unique style and unmissable energy. A photo of her mid-match, eyes ablaze with determination, is among our top picks this week.

Next, we have Emma, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world. Known for her technical prowess and charismatic presence, she never fails to captivate. This week, we feature a candid shot of Emma in a moment of reprieve, reminding us that behind the larger-than-life persona is an individual who is deeply passionate about what she does.

Becky Lynch, another fan favorite, also makes it to our top picks. Known as “The Man,” Lynch’s photo encapsulates her fiery spirit and indomitable will. The image is a testament to her journey and the barriers she has broken down in her career.

Maxxine Dupri, a rising star in the wrestling world, brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the ring. Her photo captures her in a victorious pose, a symbol of her ambition and drive to reach the top.

Liv Morgan, one of the most recognizable faces in WWE, is seen in a more relaxed setting. Her photo serves as a reminder that wrestlers have lives outside the ring, filled with ordinary moments that are as meaningful as their public personas.

Carmella, the self-proclaimed ‘Princess of Staten Island’, is known for her flamboyance and confidence. Her photo showcases her extravagant style and commanding presence, making it one of the standout images of the week.

Blair Davenport, a recent addition to the WWE roster, exudes strength and determination. Her photo, showing her mid-action, demonstrates her commitment to becoming a dominant force in the industry.

Finally, we have Charlotte Flair, a mainstay in WWE and a multi-time champion. Her photo portrays her regal demeanor and unshakeable confidence, qualities that have helped her carve out a successful career in wrestling.

These photos serve not only as a visual treat for fans but as a testament to the diversity and dynamism within the world of professional wrestling. Each image tells a story, offering a glimpse into the lives of these athletes who continue to entertain, inspire, and break boundaries week after week. We hope you enjoy this week’s selection and continue to support these incredible performers in their journey.


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