Jade Cargill, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, is reportedly leaving All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following her final match with the promotion during Wednesday’s Rampage taping. The news has left fans and followers of professional wrestling intrigued and eager for more information about her future career moves.

Cargill recently had a rematch with Kris Statlander that marked the end of her journey with AEW. The announcement came as somewhat surprising to many given her strong performance and growth within AEW since she signed on in 2020. Her departure marks an important shift not only for herself but also for the entire landscape of women’s wrestling.

After signing a three-year deal with AEW back in fall 2020, Jade quickly made a name for herself due to her unique combination of strength, agility, charisma 🎭 , which are all essential attributes needed by any successful wrestler.

However, it seems that this chapter at AEW was just one part of Cargill’s larger career plan. As reported earlier, Jade is wrapping up things at AEW and is expected to make a move towards World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which has been generating numerous rumors amongst WWE fans who are excitedly anticipating what this could mean for their favorite franchise.

It appears that before deciding on departing from AEW, Cargill had held tryouts with WWE – hinting at possible negotiations between both parties or perhaps even an agreement already being reached. This has led to speculation regarding when she might debut there if these rumors turn out to be true.

The switch from AEW to WWE would certainly represent another significant step forward in Jade’s career trajectory – potentially providing new challenges and opportunities within this globally recognized platform known for its high-profile matches and superstars like John Cena or Roman Reigns among others.

In conclusion, while we await official confirmation about these developments surrounding Jade Cargill’s professional life; it will undoubtedly be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks. As fans and followers of professional wrestling, these are indeed exciting times as we might be witnessing a pivotal moment in Jade Cargill’s career.


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