In the world of professional wrestling, there are few opinions as respected as those of veteran wrestler Rhyno. Recently, he took a moment to praise one of his contemporaries in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Christian Cage. Known for his candid views and insightful comments on the industry, Rhyno’s endorsement carries weight.

Rhyno lauded Cage not just for being an exceptional performer but also for his versatility in playing both ‘face’ and ‘heel’ roles with equal finesse. In wrestling parlance, a face is essentially the good guy or hero character while heel represents villains or antagonists.

Christian Cage currently holds the TNT title in AEW – a testament to his prowess and popularity among fans. However, what makes him stand out according to Rhyno is not just this achievement but how well he thrives whether he’s playing babyface or heel.

During an appearance on “The Kurt Angle Show”, Rhyno shared more about why he admires Cage so much. He spoke about their long-standing friendship that goes back to their early training days together which gives him insights into Christian’s dedication towards perfecting both aspects of his performance.

“He’s got this unique ability,” said Rhyno, “to get people rooting for him when they should be booing and vice versa.” This kind of dexterity is rare even among seasoned wrestlers making it all the more noteworthy.

Over time Christian has honed these skills through hard work and perseverance. It takes talent indeed to make audiences love you one minute then despise you next – yet such emotional gymnastics seem second nature to him 🤼‍♂️

He doesn’t merely play characters; rather embodies them fully regardless if it requires charming crowds or inciting boos around arenas worldwide – underscoring why many consider him one amongst top performers today within AEW roster besides holding TNT title belt proudly across shoulder every week during matches.

Rhyno’s praise for Christian Cage is not just a testament to their friendship, but also an affirmation of Cage’s skill and versatility. It’s clear that Rhyno believes in the talent and potential of his friend, which only makes us more excited to see what else Christian Cage has in store for his fans.

In conclusion, Rhyno’s endorsement is a reaffirmation that Christian Cage brings something special to AEW – both as a face or heel character. His ability to adapt and thrive in either role sets him apart from others and ensures he will continue making waves within professional wrestling industry.


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