In the world of professional wrestling, confrontations both in and out of the ring are not uncommon. One such instance from the past has recently resurfaced, thanks to WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam. During a recent edition of his podcast titled “1 Of A Kind”, Van Dam decided to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on some of his tense encounters with former WCW star Scott Norton.

Van Dam and Norton have a history that dates back many years. The two have had several encounters at various WrestleCons, and not all of them were pleasant. In his podcast, Van Dam opened up about these confrontations, providing fans with an insider’s perspective on what transpired between the two wrestling icons.

According to Van Dam, the first time he met Norton was a memorable one, though not for the best reasons. “I had never met Scott before,” Van Dam confessed. But their first meeting was anything but friendly. Tensions flared, leading to a confrontation that would set the tone for their future encounters.

Norton, a powerhouse in the ring, was known for his intimidating presence. Standing at over six feet tall and weighing in at around 360 pounds during his prime, Norton was not someone you’d want to cross paths with. Yet, the fearless Van Dam did just that, multiple times.

These confrontations weren’t just limited to verbal exchanges. On more than one occasion, the tension escalated to physical altercations. However, despite the intensity of these encounters, both wrestlers managed to maintain a level of professionalism. They understood that these confrontations were part of the business, a testament to their commitment and passion for wrestling.

Van Dam went on to share more about his experiences with Norton at the WrestleCons. Despite the confrontations, he expressed a sense of respect for Norton. It was clear that even though they had their differences, there was mutual admiration between the two.

As Van Dam continued to share his memories, listeners got a glimpse into the world of professional wrestling beyond the ring. These confrontations, while tense and sometimes unpleasant, were part of the journey. They shaped the careers of these wrestlers and played a role in the personas they portrayed in the ring.

In conclusion, Van Dam’s reflections serve as a reminder of the realities of professional wrestling. Behind the spectacle and the entertainment, there are real people with real emotions. The confrontations may be tense, the altercations may be physical, but at the end of the day, it’s all part of the job. And for wrestlers like Rob Van Dam and Scott Norton, it’s a job they wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. 🤼‍♂️


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