In a recent episode of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, renowned professional wrestler Rob Van Dam took time to pay homage to the late Terry Funk, a fellow wrestling legend who left an indelible mark on the sport. Funk, who passed away on August 24, 2023, at the age of 79, was remembered fondly by Van Dam, who shared some cherished memories of their time together. 🎙️

Van Dam’s tribute to Funk was heartfelt and sincere. He spoke of Funk’s passion for wrestling, his dedication to the sport, and the impact he had on those who were fortunate enough to work with him. Funk was not just a colleague to Van Dam, but a mentor and a friend. His passing has left a void in the world of wrestling that is keenly felt by many.

Meanwhile, in the same podcast episode, another wrestling star, Shane Douglas, offered his critique on modern wrestling. Douglas, known for his candidness, did not shy away from expressing his thoughts on the current state of the sport. It was an insightful analysis, providing listeners with a seasoned professional’s perspective on the evolution of wrestling over the years.

Douglas’ critique was not intended to disparage modern wrestling but rather to highlight areas where he believes improvements can be made. He emphasized the importance of storytelling in matches, a skill he feels has been somewhat overlooked in today’s high-octane, action-packed wrestling events.

Van Dam’s tribute to Funk and Douglas’ critique of modern wrestling provided a rich, engaging discussion on the podcast. They offered a look back at the sport’s past glory, as well as a critical examination of its current direction. The conversation was a reminder of the depth and complexity of professional wrestling, showing it to be more than just a spectacle of physical prowess.

In remembering Terry Funk, Rob Van Dam honored a man who dedicated his life to wrestling. Funk’s legacy is one of commitment, innovation, and an undying love for the sport. His influence continues to be seen in the wrestlers he mentored, the matches he fought, and the fans he entertained over his long and illustrious career.

Shane Douglas, meanwhile, challenged listeners to consider the future of wrestling. His critique was a call to action, urging those involved in the sport to uphold its traditions while also adapting to meet the demands of modern audiences.

The “1 Of A Kind” podcast, through its thoughtful discussions and insights, continues to be a must-listen for wrestling fans. Whether paying tribute to legends like Terry Funk or offering critique on the state of modern wrestling, the show provides a unique and engaging perspective on the world of professional wrestling.

In the end, both Van Dam’s heartfelt tribute and Douglas’ thought-provoking critique serve as reminders of why wrestling holds such a special place in the hearts of many. It is a sport that combines athleticism, drama, and storytelling in a way few others can. As we remember the greats like Terry Funk and ponder the future of wrestling, we are reminded of why we fell in love with this sport in the first place.


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