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Kenny King On When he started his Career in 2002 Participating in The Second Season of WWE Tough Enough, More


Kenny King On When he started his Career in 2002 Participating in The Second Season of WWE Tough Enough, More

Kenny King On When he started his Career in 2002 Participating in The Second Season of WWE Tough Enough, More

The current world television champion and ROH star Kenny King recently spoke with solowrestling where he talks on various topics. below are the highlights..

On when he started his career in 2002 participating in the second season of WWE Tough Enough. With so little experience in professional wrestling, were you nervous about the program? How do you rate your passage through it?

“Since I was young I always liked professional wrestling, when I got there, my inner five year old enjoyed a lot, of course I was nervous, all my coaches were people I had seen on television and whom I admired: Chavo Guerrero, Al Snow , Bob Holly … I was nervous about knowing them, but all my life I had played football and I was used to the pressure of being an athlete, I felt very safe and very comfortable training the athletic part of wrestling.”

Since then, have you maintained any kind of contact to work a return?
“I had a tryoutin 2007, but I have been under contract with some great wrestling company since 2008. I have only been a free agent for four or five months, and it coincided just when I signed for TNA in 2012. We have been in contact. Last December I exchanged several messages with the WWE offices to go to NXT , but my life, to this day, revolves around the shared custody of my daughter. Moving to Florida to go to NXT put that at risk and that’s why I decided to sign for ROH.

When you start the goal of everyone is to go to WWE, it is everyone’s dream. At the end of the day, however, what you want to get as a professional wrestler is to pay all your bills and have a job that allows you to live the life you want. It is indifferent for you to work while you are able to do this.”

The highlight of your first stage in ROH was your work with Rhett Titus, with whom you formed the All Night Express. With so many top-tier teams in the company, was it hard to make a name for yourself?

“Yes, at that time there were teams like The Briscoes, one of the best of all time, Kings of Wrestling, with Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, The Age of the Fall, with Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black, now known as Seth Rollins. , Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards … There were very talented people, our mission was to be able to stand out and differentiate ourselves from the rest.”

After your controversial departure in 2012, was it hard to return to ROH and gain again the respect and confidence of all?


“There was never any tension, I just had problems with one person and it’s already outside of the company, that’s always been the story, I had problems with a person who can not even get into the locker room anymore, I did not leave the company in a way unprofessional. had it done so, Joe Koff never would have welcomed with open arms on my return. in one of my first conversations with him I djio, ‘are you ready to go home? ROH is your home.’

never there was tension or disrespect, I only had problems with Jim Cornette. Many people believed all the trash I was saying and that’s why they came to say that I had to prove on my return that I had become a professional worker. Outside of that, I have a great relationship with the board and the ROH office. They still have confidence in me and renew me with very lucrative contracts. They consider that my way of doing business is the right one.”

Next week is Final Battle 2017. You will defend your TV championship at the Hammerstein Ballroom against Punishment Martinez, Silas Young and Shane Taylor, how are you coping days before this fight?

“It is a very important combat. When I won the belt, I told everyone that I would defend it against anyone who wanted to take it from me. I think it’s the best way to show you as a great champion within ROH.’

“The champion in this fight has a great disadvantage. Once I get the count of three I’m out. I do not have to defeat a single guy, this is by elimination, I have to defeat three different rivals , two of them being real giants.’

“I’m not afraid. I have trained hard to see my faces with heavy weights. The key is to be fluid and adapt to any situation. They are three very tough rivals. Silas Young, a tough nut to crack, Punishment Martinez, a big guy with martial arts experience, Shane Taylor, a heavyweight. Three very different styles that will be used against me in a PPV. ”

Finally, what should ROH and Kenny King fans expect in the Hispanic community for next year?

“2017 was better than 2016 and 2018 will follow the same path, the company is putting all its dedication, from the management to the costumes, everyone wants to make ROH the best possible company, this is the best wrestling, people will look for us to see wrestling and to see our shows.In a very short time, those people who are looking for pure wrestling will know that they can find it in ROH. ”


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