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Cody Rhodes Returns To Use The “Too Sweet” In a ROH Event


Cody Rhodes Returns To Use The “Too Sweet” In a ROH Event

Cody Rhodes Returns To Use The "Too Sweet" In a ROH Event

The tension between WWE and Bullet Club continues to rise. McMahon’s family company sent a letter to stop a group of famous fighters for the use and commercialization of gestures and slogans “Too Sweet”. Since mid-September, members of the Bullet Club no longer use it with Camistas with TV appearances. People like The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll have started using “Too Sweet” only in non-televised events, photo sessions with fans, non-profit civilian environments It was.

This situation turned 180 degrees tonight, the last Friday survival event in January 2010 was released. On the last Friday of 17th November, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) celebrated the first night of the star tournament. This night was held in San Antonio and competed with another WWE NXT event on the same night. At the opening of the show, Cody appeared in the segment with The Addiction (Daniels and Kazarian) and actor Stephen Amell. After the confrontation, the audience began singing “Too Sweet”, where Cody answered in the following words:

“I like the sound of that because the individuals who are trying to stop us from using the ‘Too Sweet’ are at the end of the road with an event that has not sold all the tickets, but, you know what, ROH has done a sold-out .”

At the end of his speech, Cody made his hand high and made the gesture “too sweet” and hugged Amuel’s finger, who was doing a famous gesture. This is the first time that members of Bullet Club made “Too Sweet” at the official TV broadcasting ROH event. This program is not recorded on TV or PPV (Pay-Per-View), but it is on sale for 24 hours as part of the on-demand section of the official ROH website. At the very first moment it was speculated that the last part of the promotion may have been deleted from the final version.


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