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ROH Best in the World 2018 Results: Austin Aries def. Kenny King


ROH Best in the World 2018 Results: Austin Aries def. Kenny King

ROH Best in the World 2018 Results: Austin Aries def. Kenny King

Start a new Pay Per View (PPV) in Ring of Honor (ROH). Great introductory video recalling all the rivalries ahead of tonight’s event. The fighters involved dedicating a few words to the camera. Everyone talks about their outstanding accounts and their motivations for Best in the World 2018.

The general plan of the pavilion. Ian Riccaboni, in the company of Colt Cabana, welcomes the Baltimore fans. Both commentators review the card quickly. The night will be opened by the Ungovernables of Japan, who will be challenging the ROH trios world championship.

– The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) defeated the Ingobernables (EVIL, SANADA & BUSHI) in the first match of the night to HOLD the ROH world Six-man tag team championship. Dynamic fight. Champions seek numerical superiority at all times. The Japanese manage to put the fight on their part in the final minutes, but BUSHI fails to try to throw his mist and ends up receiving the Rockstar Supernova for the count of three.

It shows a video of the betrayal of Bully Ray to Flip Gordon weeks ago on ROH TV. The audience in the stadium boos with force. Flip makes his entrance with an American flag on his back. Great reaction on the part of the public. When he’s in the corner, Bully appears on his back. The veteran tries to attack by surprise, but Flip dodges it with a flip and your attack begins with rage.

– Flip Gordon defeats Bully Ray via DISQUALIFICATION. Gordon dominates with intensity from the start and arms the brawl the ringside. Gordon seems to dominate, but Bully stops him with a powerful Clothesline, Boos. Flip dodges the Vader Bomb, but Bully decides to end the fight and hits his rival in the crotch.

The fight ends and Bully Ray continues to attack Flip. Bully takes a chair and repeatedly hits Gordon’s knee. The talent of the dojo Eli Isom runs down to the ring, but Bully hits him with a garbage can on his head. Cheeseburger is the one that goes out now to make the salve, but Bully punishes him with Powerbomb. People boo with force.

Bully comes down from the ring and takes a table. The struggling veteran opens it in the middle of the ring. The referee tries to stop him, but Bully pushes him. Ray threatens to apply a Powerbomb to Flip on the table, but Colt Cabana abandons the comment table to stop him. Cabana stares at Bully and he decides to leave the ring. The public loudly sings the name “Colt Cabana”.

Ian Riccaboni is left alone in comments. The narrator asks Operations Director Joe Koff to take legal action to end this. Colt Cabana returns frustrated to the position of the commentator. With the ring already collected, the next fight will be that of the Women of Honor division. STARDOM’s talents are in the room.

– Mayu Iwatani, Tenille Dashwood, Sumie Samai & Jenny Rose defeated Kelly Klein & Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura, HZK & Kagetsu) in a Women of Honor fight. Very compact fight full of action. The Japanese fighters managed to get the public standing up, who ended up singing “This is Awesome”. After several attempts of dirty play by Oedo Tai, Mayu connects the Dragon Suplex about Hana for the count of three.

The brief video is now shown with the fight back from Austin Aries. That night, Kenny King cost him (by mistake) the world television championship. Minutes later Aries betrayed his former partner. King, now, wants to show that he has stopped being an apprentice.

– Austin Aries defeated Kenny King in an individual fight. Great performance of Aries. The Impact Wrestling champion works like heel and tries to get into the head of his former teammate several times. In the final minutes, King is thinking of hitting Aries with the Impact championship; Aries takes advantage of the confusion to apply the Brainbuster at ringside. Another Brainbuster inside for the final three count.

In backstage, Jay Lethal talks about his redemption story. He has proposed to defeat all those fighters who knocked him down in the last 18 months. After Martinez, Taven or Mark Briscoe, tonight is KUSHIDA’s turn; the last stone in his path.

– Jay Lethal defeated KUSHIDA in the best fight of the night so far. Excellent showdown with a lower tempo than the rest. Both fighters show their more mature version and take many precautions before each move. The main focus is the duel of submissions, with Lethal working the leg and KUSHIDA the arm. In the end, after a hard exchange, the former world champion connects the Lethal Injection for the count of three.

The audience applauds standing. Both fighters shake hands in respect. The next fight will be for the world television championship. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana review the background in the face of this rivalry. Silas Young, the former champion, joins the comment table.

– Punishment Martinez defeated Adam Page in a Baltimore Street Fight to RETAIN the ROH World TV Championship. Great ovations for Page. Violent combat with lots of action. Tables, chairs, and thumbtacks are used. After a Page comeback attempt, Martinez ends up applying the South of Heaven Chokeslam on a table for the count of three.

– The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) defeats The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) to RETAIN the ROH World tag team Championship. One of the best fights of the night. Combat tornado style, with all kinds of attacks on equipment. The public is active at all times, even apart supports the Briscoes.

There is no clear dominator. False endings begin to arrive. More Bang For Your Buck, but Mark is thrown in Froggy Bow on the referee to avoid the count of three. The chairs come into play. Jay Driller for Matt on a chair … but counts on two. The Briscoes cannot believe it. Finally, the brothers apply the redneck Boogie from the third string for the final three count.

The fight ends and The Briscoes continue attacking the Bucks. SoCal Uncensored enters the scene. Kazarian and Sky immobilize the Jackson brothers. Meanwhile, Daniels takes a chair and screams that he’s going to finish them off. Out of nowhere, Daniels attacks Jay Briscoe. The champions leave the ring, SoCal Uncensored has gone to the side face? SCU and Young Bucks are facing to face in the ring, puzzled, after all their battles.

– Dalton Castle defeated Cody and Marty Scurll in the main battle of the night to RETAIN the ROH world championship. Fight to three bands limited by the duration of the PPV. The action is more compressed than usual and the fighters work at a higher pace to finish the hour.

After some combinations, Marty and Cody have their expected face-off. Dalton takes advantage and connects his finisher on Marty, but Nick Aldis takes the referee out of the ring to avoid the account. Marty is now attacking Dalton, but Brandi brings the referee out of the ring again. Todd Sinclair, tired of interference, sends everyone backstage.

Cody takes the magnesium to throw it to Dalton, but Marty hits his hand and it falls on his own face. Marty catches Dalton in the Crossface Chickenwing, but Cody breaks the lock. Exchange Roll-Ups, but all are in two. Cody looks for the Cross Rhodes on Dalton, but Marty surprises him and connects a Cross Rhodes on Cody himself. The villain looks for the account, but Dalton catches him in Bang-A-Rang for the final three count.

Dalton Castle celebrates his victory among colored ribbons. The public does not stop believing that Dalton has retained his belt. Without time for more, because the third hour of PPV is already fulfilled, Ian Riccaboni says goodbye to Best in the World. End of stream.


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