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ROH and CMLL will present their first event together in Mexico


ROH and CMLL will present their first event together in Mexico

ROH and CMLL will present their first event together

The alliance between the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) and the Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) continues to grow. After two years of relationship, on August 4 they will present their first event together. The evening will be managed by Pura Raza Producciones and will take place in the State of Mexico.

The news about the celebration of this show has been unveiled by the official Twitter account of Mas Lucha. It is unknown which city and which pavilion will host the show. Failing to confirm talents and combats, the event is being touted as a duel between ROH and CMLL. At the moment, none of the companies involved have made statements in this regard.

Since the beginning of their relationship, CMLL and ROH have exchanged talents on a regular basis. Fighters like Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Dragon Lee or Titan have been part of ROH events in the United States. For their part, fighters like Matt Taven or Flip Gordon have traveled regularly to Mexico. In the case of Taven, he also has a victory over Junior Volador that helped him win the NWA Welterweight Historical Championship.

Pure Race Productions was born this year 2018 and is located in Tlalnepantla de Baz, within the State of Mexico. His first and only event took place on March 3 at the Arena López Mateos. That evening was attended by independent Mexican talents and regular stars of the CMLL, such as Mistico, Rush, Dragon Lee or Sorcerer.


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