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ROH/NJPW Honor Rising 2018 Results (2/24) | Night 2


ROH/NJPW Honor Rising 2018 Results (2/24) | Night 2

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi against the team of Cody and Marty Scurll

ROH/NJPW Honor Rising 2018 Results (2/24) - Night 2

Credit: NJPW

Begins the live broadcast of Honor Rising 2018, the joint tour made by New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor (ROH) jointly in Japan. This will be the second and last day of this year. The event takes place at the Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, for which all tickets have been sold. The show also features rebroadcast with comments in English by Don Callis and Kevin Kelly through New Japan Pro Wrestling World. After a brief presentation of the card of the event before starting the first fight.

Toa Henare vs. The Beer City Bruiser

The fight begins with Bruiser asking a real fight to Henare. Henry tries a Shoulder Tackle but Bruiser departs. Bruiser spits his beer on Henare. He throws Henare against the corners but the young fighter is encouraged with headers. Lariat to the corner and try the Samoan Drop, but Bruiser weighs a lot. Jumping Shoulder Tackle for the count of two. Diving Shoulder Tackle but it is not enough. Lariats to Bruiser, who responds with a DDT. Bruiser goes up the corner and Frog Splash for the count of three.

The Beer City Bruiser Wins via pinfall

Jay Lethal, David Finlay and Juice Robinson vs. Bullet Club (HIKULEO, Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi)

The Club attacks before the fight begin, facing outside the ring. Meanwhile, Finlay and Owens begin. Lethal’s team works together and Diving Shoulder Tackle de Juice. Lethal and Finlay work together with Chase, who attacks Finlay’s eyes. Yujiro intervenes, Superkick from Owens to Lethal and HIKULEO also attacks. The Club happens to take the lead with Yujiro punishing Finlay. Yakuza Kick and Sliding Kick of Yujiro. Owens enters and imitates Juice’s punches. HIKULEO continues with a Running Powerslam to Lethal. Enter Juice and Double Flapjack at HIKULEO. Turn to Lethal and Owens. Lethal launches in Tope con Giro and Suicide Dive and faces HIKULEO. Lariat de HIKULEO but receives a Leg Lariat de Juice. Flatline by Hikuleo and Diving Dropkick by Owens. Owens and Yujiro enter and Combo from Backdrop/Neckbreaker to Finlay. Yujiro picks up Lethal Owens looks for the Superkick but Lethal moves away and Yujiro receives her. Lethal Injection to Owens. Enter HIKULEO and receive all the finishers of your rivals, ending with the Diving Elbow Drop of Lethal.

Jay Lethal, David Finlay, and Juice Robinson wins via pinfall

Flip Gordon and Ryusuke Taguchi vs. The Ungovernables of Japan (BUSHI and Hiromu Takahashi)

They start Hiromu and Flip. Fight for control and Gordon’s Headscissors. Flip makes a move to jump out of the ring and BUSHI enters to attack from behind. The fight continues outside the ring, throwing Taguchi and Flip against the walls of the Korakuen. Return to the ring with The Ingobernables overcome Gordon, who reverses the situation with an Overhead Kick. Change to Taguchi, who enters with Hip Attacks to each corner. A combo of Inverted DDT and DDT of Taguchi. Try the Three Amigos, the third fails and Oh My And Garankle. BUSHI escapes but takes a Magistral for the account of two. Taguchi looks for the Dodon but BUSHI escapes. BUSHI receives a Hip Attack and Gamengiri in Atomic Drop. Hiromu enters and receives a Hip Attack. I turn to Gordon with a Swan Dive Kick followed by a Top with Turn. The American seeks the 450th Splash but fails. Springboard Sling Blade by Gordon. The Ungovernables attack the cornerback and Taguchi fails a Hip Attack. Flip tries to counterattack, but the Ingobernables prevail. Stop Suicide of BUSHI and Death Valley Driver of Hiromu against the corner to Flip. Look for the Time Bomb but revert to a count of two. Flip superkick. Salta, Hiromu escapes and Combo from Sunset Flip and German Suplex. They raise in Doomsday MX to finish the fight.

Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI wins via pinfall

Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale) (c) vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Delirious, and Cheeseburger NEVER Openweight Championship Match

The Bullet Club attacks the beginning of the fight. Fale dominates Cheese and the rest of his rivals. Cheeseburger gives the change to Liger. Cheese Shoteis and Liger but Fale responds with a Double Tackle. The Club dominates and Splex from Tonga to Cheese from the ropes. They surpass Liger and combination in the corner that fails. Liger moves away and Loa attacks her brother unintentionally. Change to Delirious, who responds with punches. Double Mongolian Chops and Delirious starts running against the ropes to avoid Loa. Lariat of Delirious. Tonga attacks in the back and Delirious punishes in the corner. Escape from a count of three and throw Loa against her brother Jackhammer. Tonga enters Dropkick and change to Cheese. Cheese attacks but is not very effective. An attempt of Cheese’s Sunset Flip which responded with a headscissors and a DDT Tornado. Cheese is encouraged looking for the Shotei but Tama’s Dropkick. The Bullet Club clean the ring and focus on Cheese. They try to attack at the corner but Liger saves Cheese with Shoteis for the whole Club. A quick count of Cheese try a Magistral but it is not enough. Another count attempt. Cheese fails the Shotei and receives a Tonga Twist. GOD take out their rivals and connect Guerrilla Warfare on Cheese to win.

STILL champions Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale wins via pinfall


CHAOS (Jay White, Chuckie T and YOSHI-HASHI) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Hangman Page)

The initial crash between Jay and Hangman. They start Nick and Chuck with Nick beating his rival. They take Chuck out of the ring which changes White. Change for Page. White bump and forearm exchange. The IWGP United States Champion reduces his opponent with more hits. Dropkick of White and Chuck. Enter YOSHI. Page outperforms his rivals and Dropkick combo with Standing Shooting Star Press. The Bucks clean the ring. Standing Shooting Star Press by Page. Matt Jackson tries to hit but White’s surprise DDT. YOSHI-HASHI and Page enter. Blockbuster of YOSHI. Nick enters but YOSHI places him on the ropes and Dropkick, Chop to the chest against Page, places on the ropes and another Dropkick. Page tries matches with a Slingshot Lariat. Chuck enters hitting, removes Matt and manages to fit the Ankle Lock to Nick and then Matt. Overhead Kick and Chuck and elbow to YOSHI. Superkick to Chuck followed by a Shiranui and a Shining Wizard. Chuck holds and throws Nick against his brother at the corner. Eat Defeat to Page and enter White. Saito Suplex to the Bucks. White seeks to end Paige, suplex against the cornerback. Page manages to take out the Buckle Bomb combo with the Bucks.

They try their joint finisher but CHAOS does not let them and try White’s count. Exchange of punches that ends with YOSHI receiving a Superkick. Combo of the Bucks and Double Plates. Page tries the Slingshot Lariat but White receives in Flatliner. German Suplex and try the Blade Runner. The Bucks enter Superkicks and Page ends the encounter with the Rite of Passage.

Hangman Page, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson wins via pinfall

After the fight Page tries to attack White with a chair but the Bucks stop him.

The Beer City Bruiser says before the fight that he will not go to the United States without a belt, that Hirooki Goto cheated on the first day, so he says he enters the fight. Attack Castle, who drives him away. Castle says he wants to defeat him and they make a 3-Way Match.

ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle (c) vs. Barreta vs. The Beer City Bruiser

Barreta and Castle begin attacking Bruiser outside the ring, but he responds and manages to dominate them. Return to the ring controls but Castle’s Suicide Dive. Barreta throws a chair to the two rivals. Barreta gets Bruiser to sit on a chair and Dropkick from the edge of the ring against Bruiser sitting. Castle enters, German Suplex to Barreta and tries another to Bruiser, but fails. Bruiser maintains control with strong punches punishing the left arm of Barreta. Bruiser continues to focus on Barreta, throwing him against the cornerback. Outside the ring, they exchange Chops to the chest. Bruiser goes up the corner, Castle ap knocks him down and knees in the corner. Reverse Headscissors from Castle to Bruiser in the first rope of the ring.

When returning Castle attacks with knees reducing to Bruiser. Another German Suplex fails, elbow and hit the challenger. Barreta surprises throws himself to the cornerback and Dudebuster DDT leaning on Bruiser. Bruiser responds with a Lariat and goes up to the corner for a Frog Splash. Barreta stops him, Castle goes up and Double Superplex. Barreta tries the Piledriver on the edge of the ring but Bruiser’s Death Valley Driver. I nudge Castle and take him out of the ring. Bruiser fails the Frog Splash and Busaiku Knee of Barreta. Piledriver but it is not enough. They exchange blows and Dalton arrives to reduce his rivals. It fails the knee in the corner and Shotgun Dropkick de Bruiser. SUBE to the corner and Frog Splash to Barreta. count of two. Castle enters, Jumping Knee to Bruiser and fails a Bang-A-Rang to Barreta. Fair Winds to Barreta,

STILL champion: Dalton Castle win via pinfall

The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi) vs. The Bullet Club (Cody & Marty Scurll)

Initial crashing between the teams. Scurll starts against Ibushi, controls but receives a Dropkick. Cody prevents Omega from entering, Ibushi kicks and changes Kenny. Cody flees among the public. Scurll’s Sunset Flip attempt but Kenny knew and Springboard Ironed against Cody among the audience. Cody recovers grab Kenny and Scurll’s Superkick at the edge of the ring. Cody makes fun of Ibushi and Omega throws him against the corner. Step for Ibushi. Combo kick to the chest and Kotaro Crusher. Cross Slash but Scurll and Cody stop them. Combo of Enzuigiri and Lariat in the corner of Cody and Scurll. Springboard Cody to Ibushi outside the ring.

Cody and Scurll maintain the punishment to Ibushi with Scurll touching his hand. Delayed Front Suplex by Cody. Ibushi escapes from Cody but Cody attacks with a Beautiful Disaster to Omega. Powerslam of Ibushi and change to Omega. Diving Crossbody of Omega and Frankensteiner to Cody. Enter Scurll swap moves and Swan Dive Dropkick from Ibushi. You Can not Escape combo with Ibushi. Cody takes out Ibushi, avoiding the Golden Trigger to Scurll. Meanwhile, The Villain attacks Omega’s fingers. Remove the protection from outside the ring, climb the edge and try a Cross Rhodes, but Omega saves Cody with a V-Trigger. Scurll avoids a One-Winged Angel attacking with his umbrella and Cross Rhodes. Doomsday Dropkick but it’s not enough. Crossface Chickenwing from Scurll to Omega while Cody applies the American Nightmare to Ibushi. Ibushi saves the situation. V-Trigger to Cody. Scurll saves his teammate and Superkicks Kenny. Overhead Kick by Ibushi.

After a few seconds, Scurll dominates Doomsday Dropkick but Ibushi falls on his feet. Half Nelson Suplex followed by a Dragon Suplex of Omega. Combo kicks and Powerbomb/German Suplex combo Golden Lovers. Cross Slash and when returning Aoi Shoudo from Omega. V-Trigger of Kenny that Cody avoids Cross Rhodes. He throws Ibushi and Superkick of Cody followed by a Last Shot of Scurll. Cody kisses Ibushi which angers the Japanese. Shovels and Powerbomb. Scurll tries a quick count but takes a V-Trigger lift and assisted kick from Ibushia Scurll. Golden Trigger to Scurll to finish.

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi Wins

Kenny Omega says that Japanese who already spoke behind the scenes that the Golden Lovers have returned. In English, it says that finally after eight years the Golden Lovers have returned. That time has finally had a great weekend. Omega says that the Golden Lovers are the best team in the world either in ROH and NJPW. The Young Bucks come in and say they accepted their apologies but that it bothered them to say they are the best team in the world. Nick Jackson says that they are the best. Therefore they announce the following: They go on to fight in the Heavyweight category!

Kenny points out that this has sounded like a challenge for the Bucks and that this fight will be a dream encounter. Ibushi says that this match will be great and he agrees to do it. Omega says that they will do it throughout the year. He ends up saying goodbye to the audience.


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