The world of wrestling is abuzz with exciting news and updates. On the forefront, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is all set to make its Memphis debut on Saturday, October 21, featuring a live edition of AEW Collision at the FedEx Forum.

This event has already sparked anticipation among fans as ticket pre-sales are currently underway! The special pre-sale code for eager attendees is POTSHN. This gives early birds a chance to secure their seats before tickets go on sale to the general public on September 18th. 🎫

In addition to this thrilling announcement, there’s more excitement brewing in the wrestling universe. Ronda Rousey, an iconic name in both UFC and WWE circles, will be releasing her second book titled “Our Fight”. While details about the content remain under wraps for now, it’s safe to assume that it will provide deeper insights into Rousey’s life and career journey.

Meanwhile Kiera Hogan continues making waves within Impact Wrestling. With her fiery personality and impressive skill set inside the ring she remains one not just watch but also admire.

On another note comes news from The Mogul Embassy – though specifics weren’t mentioned in initial reports we can expect some interesting developments soon enough given their reputation for innovation within entertainment industry.

Lastly Sabin too finds mention here although what exactly this pertains isn’t clear yet either; however considering his past accomplishments anything involving him would undoubtedly prove noteworthy indeed!

All these elements combined serve as testament constant evolution professional wrestling landscape keeping fans edge their seats anticipation next big thing happen

Indeed times never been more exciting those who follow sport closely each these stories unfolds further promises bring new level intrigue drama mix ensuring viewers stay hooked every step way

So whether you’re long-time fan newcomer scene there’s plenty look forward coming weeks months Stay tuned latest updates keep pulse rapidly changing dynamic world professional wrestling


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