Before his dismissal from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), CM Punk was known to refer to himself as the ‘Real’ World Champion. This led many fans to speculate that a showdown with MJF was in the works. However, following an incident at the All In 2023 event involving Jack Perry which resulted in Punk’s termination, AEW decided on a match between Samoa Joe and MJF instead.

The decision came after careful consideration by AEW management who were forced into making changes due to unforeseen circumstances. The matchup between Samoa Joe and MJF had not been initially planned but became necessary after Punk’s abrupt exit.


Samoa Joe, a seasoned wrestler with years of experience under his belt, seemed like an apt choice for this high-stake match against MJF. On the other hand, Maxwell Jacob Friedman or better known as “MJF” is one of wrestling’s fastest-rising stars and has gained considerable recognition within AEW.

In light of these events, it seems clear that while CM Punk’s departure may have caused some disruption in initial plans; it also opened up opportunities for new narratives within AEW. Fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing how things unfold between Samoa Joe and MJF considering their individual prowess and appeal among audiences worldwide.

While speculation continues about what could have been if CM Punk hadn’t left AEW abruptly; there is no denying that this unexpected twist has created intrigue around future matches within the organization. It remains uncertain whether any further changes will be made concerning upcoming bouts or if this reshuffling is limited only until further notice.

However, regardless of all uncertainties surrounding future matchups; one thing remains certain – both Samoa Joe vs. MJF promises to deliver a thrilling encounter full of impressive movesets and intense drama inside the ring.

Despite having faced numerous opponents throughout their respective careers; facing each other would undoubtedly bring out unique strategies from both wrestlers. This not only provides an exciting prospect for the fans but also adds a layer of unpredictability to the match.

In conclusion, while CM Punk’s termination from AEW was indeed surprising; it has inadvertently paved the way for Samoa Joe and MJF to headline one of wrestling’s most anticipated matches. As both wrestlers prepare for their upcoming face-off, fans can expect nothing short of an electrifying showdown inside the ring that will surely be remembered in years to come.


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