Shane Douglas, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently shed light on Joey Styles’ commendable professionalism during their time together at Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This revelation came about during an episode of his “Franchise University” podcast.

Douglas spoke highly of Styles and emphasized how he often single-handedly called ECW pay-per-views. His admiration for Styles was evident as he said, “This, by no means, is to smear or besmirch anybody else in the industry.”

The two wrestlers share a rich history with ECW – a promotion known for its hardcore style and dedicated fan base. In this environment that fostered intensity and extreme performances both inside and outside the ring, it was not always easy to maintain one’s professional demeanor. Yet according to Douglas, Joey Styles managed just that.

Styles joined ECW as a commentator in 1993 when it was still Eastern Championship Wrestling before it rebranded itself into Extreme Championship Wrestling. He became famous among fans for his solo commentary stints; particularly noteworthy because most promotions had two or three-person teams behind the microphone.

His unique ability to handle play-by-play duties alone set him apart from others in the field 🎙️. It wasn’t just about calling moves correctly; being able to narrate stories unfolding within matches while keeping audiences engaged required skillful storytelling – something which Styles evidently possessed.

On top of this praise from Shane Douglas comes recognition from many other quarters too over years since leaving ECW. Many have acknowledged Style’s contribution towards making events exciting through his powerful narration skills coupled with an intense passion for wrestling.

It’s clear that even though they’ve moved on from their days at ECW, there remains mutual respect between these two industry veterans. They understand better than anyone what it takes to succeed under such demanding conditions: physical toughness combined with unwavering dedication towards entertaining millions worldwide who tune into each event expecting nothing but the best.

In conclusion, this recent praise from Shane Douglas is a testament to Joey Styles’ professionalism and commitment in ECW. It serves as a reminder of his unique contributions to wrestling commentary, setting him apart as one of the most memorable voices in professional wrestling history.


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