Maven – ‘Shane McMahon Felt Like One Of The Boys In WWE’ 🤼‍♂️

Former WWE superstar Maven recently shared his thoughts on working with Shane McMahon during their time together in the wrestling industry. In a candid video posted on his YouTube page, Maven revealed that Shane McMahon always made an effort to blend in and be one of the boys backstage.

As a winner of WWE Tough Enough, Maven had the opportunity to closely interact with various personalities within the company. However, it was his experience working alongside Shane McMahon that left a lasting impression on him.

According to Maven, despite being part of one of wrestling’s most prominent families, Shane never let his status define him within the locker room. He strived to earn respect from his peers through hard work and dedication.

Maven reminisced about how he witnessed firsthand Shane’s commitment to excellence during their interactions. He described Shane as someone who went above and beyond what was expected of him both inside and outside the ring.

During their time together, Maven observed that Shane would often engage in casual conversations with other wrestlers, making everyone feel comfortable around him. This approach helped break down any barriers between management and talent, fostering a more cohesive environment backstage.

Shane McMahon’s willingness to connect with others extended beyond just socializing; he also actively participated in training sessions alongside fellow wrestlers. Despite having achieved success early on due to his family background, he never relied solely on privilege but instead put in genuine effort into honing his craft.

Maven emphasized that this attitude resonated well with everyone who worked alongside them at WWE. It created an atmosphere where individuals were motivated not only by personal achievements but also by collective growth as a team.

In conclusion, Maven’s reflections shed light on how someone like Shane McMahon managed to bridge gaps and create camaraderie within professional wrestling circles. By treating others as equals and earning respect through hard work rather than entitlement, Shane truly felt like one of the boys in WWE. His actions serve as a reminder that success is not solely determined by lineage but also by the willingness to earn one’s place through dedication and humility.

Disclaimer: This article is based on Maven’s personal account and does not reflect the views or opinions of


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