In a recent episode of the popular wrestling-focused podcast, “Haus of Wrestling,” former professional wrestler Shawn Stasiak took listeners down memory lane as he recalled his experience facing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a post-9/11 WWE SmackDown match. The event was significant not only for its high-stakes competition but also because it aired just two days after the tragic 9/11 attacks.

Stasiak began by acknowledging that this particular match against The Rock had been one of the most memorable moments in his career. He reflected on how surreal it felt to compete with such an established and respected figure within the industry under those circumstances. Despite losing to The Rock, who held the title of WCW World Heavyweight Champion at that time, Stasiak expressed no regrets about their encounter.

“I got to work with him,” he said simply during his podcast appearance. It was clear from his tone and choice of words that having had the opportunity to face off against The Rock was something he cherished deeply. For many wrestlers, sharing a ring with someone like Dwayne Johnson is considered an honor due to his legendary status within wrestling circles.

But this wasn’t all Stasiak discussed during his interview on “Haus of Wrestling.” Another topic touched upon during their conversation involved fellow wrestler Shane Douglas’s admiration for Lance Storm – another renowned figure in professional wrestling.

Shane Douglas has always been known for being vocal about other wrestlers’ skills and talents whom he respects or admires within their shared profession – and Lance Storm happens to be one such individual. During this same podcast episode where Stasiak reminisced about facing The Rock post-9/11, Douglas took some time out specifically to praise Storm – further emphasizing what a talented performer and athlete he is 🤼‍♂️

This served as yet another reminder that while rivalries may form part-and-parcel of any competitive sport – including professional wrestling – there is also a high level of mutual respect and admiration amongst its participants. This camaraderie, often unseen by fans watching the matches from their homes or in the stands, is what truly forms the backbone of this thrilling sport.

In conclusion, during their recent podcast appearances on “Haus of Wrestling,” both Shawn Stasiak and Shane Douglas provided listeners with an insider’s look into what goes on behind-the-scenes within professional wrestling. They shed light not only upon memorable moments such as Stasiak’s post-9/11 match against The Rock but also gave due credit to respected peers like Lance Storm.


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