Tonight, the wrestling world is set to be enthralled by a brand new episode of ROH TV. The Ring of Honor (ROH) will broadcast this exciting event at 7 pm ET on their streaming service, HonorClub. 🤼‍♂️

The lineup for tonight’s show promises an action-packed evening that fans won’t want to miss. At the top of the card is a showdown for the ROH World Championship between current champion Claudio Castagnoli and challenger Rocky Romero.

Castagnoli, known for his exceptional strength and technical skills in the ring, will face off against Romero – a seasoned veteran who has proven time and again that he can hold his own against any opponent. This match-up guarantees an intense battle as both wrestlers vie for one of professional wrestling’s most prestigious titles.

In addition to this headline bout, Ethan Page will square up against Griff Garrison in what looks set to be another thrilling encounter. Page has made quite a name for himself with his charismatic persona and impressive athleticism while Garrison’s relentless determination sets him apart from many other competitors.

However, it isn’t just these scheduled matches that are causing excitement among fans; there’s also Josh Woods’ Open Challenge which adds an element of surprise into tonight’s proceedings. As yet undisclosed opponents have been invited to step forward and challenge Woods – introducing unpredictability into what already promises to be a memorable night.

With such high stakes contests lined up back-to-back on tonight’s episode of ROH TV, viewers are ensured non-stop entertainment right from start till end.

This evening offers something unique not only because it showcases some extraordinary talent but also due its unpredictable nature thanks largely in part due Josh Wood’s open challenge where literally anything can happen!

Whether you’re a long-time fan or someone looking out for some high-octane sports entertainment- tonight’s installment brings all elements together under one roof promising nothing short than spectacle full of adrenaline pumping moments.

So, gear up for an evening full of intense wrestling action. The excitement is tangible and the anticipation is high as we count down to tonight’s episode of ROH TV. Don’t miss out on this thrilling event!


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