Sonny Kiss, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a prominent wrestling promotion company, have officially parted ways. This development comes as a surprise to many, stirring up waves in the wrestling community. 😱

According to reliable sources, Kiss’ contract with AEW ended in August and was not renewed by the company. This marked the end of a professional relationship that began in February 2019 when Kiss signed with AEW.

During Kiss’ tenure with AEW, they were known for their dynamic and vibrant performances, which often left the audience in awe. Their unique style and persona brought a fresh perspective to the wrestling arena, making them a fan favorite.

However, recently, there had been signs indicating a possible parting of ways between Sonny Kiss and AEW. One such sign was when Kiss was removed from the company’s roster page. This move was perceived as an indication of a potential contract termination.

The reasons behind the non-renewal of Kiss’ contract remain undisclosed. While some speculate it could be due to a variety of factors, others believe it might just be a business decision.

Throughout their time with AEW, Kiss had made significant contributions to the company and the wrestling industry as a whole. They participated in several high-profile matches, showcasing their skills and talent, and leaving an indelible mark in the world of wrestling.

Despite the end of their journey with AEW, fans are hopeful that this is not the end of Sonny Kiss’ wrestling career. With their talent and charisma, there is no doubt that Kiss has a lot to offer to the wrestling world.

The news of Sonny Kiss parting ways with AEW has indeed come as a shock to many. However, it also opens up new possibilities and opportunities for both parties. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Sonny Kiss, and how AEW will move forward following this development.

In the world of wrestling, changes like these are not uncommon. They are often seen as a part of the sport’s evolving landscape. While it can be disappointing for fans, it also brings about a sense of anticipation and excitement about what lies ahead.

As we bid adieu to the professional relationship between Sonny Kiss and AEW, we celebrate the memories they have created together. Their journey has left a significant impact on the wrestling world, and it will be remembered for years to come.

In conclusion, while Sonny Kiss and AEW parting ways marks the end of an era, it also signifies the beginning of a new chapter. Both parties have immense potential and opportunities awaiting them, and it will be fascinating to watch their respective journeys unfold.


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