Sonny Kiss, the dynamic and vibrant professional wrestler, left All Elite Wrestling (AEW) at the end of August when her contract with the promotion was not extended. This marked an important transition in her career which has been full of colorful moments and impressive performances.

🎭 During a recent episode of “Busted Open Radio,” Sonny opened up about her departure from AEW. She expressed some thoughts on what she would have done differently during her time there, offering insights into both personal growth and professional development within wrestling.

One particular aspect that stood out for Sonny was how she debuted in AEW. Looking back now, one thing she wished to change is something many fans might remember vividly – the butt shake she did during her introduction to the audience.

The moment certainly caught attention but upon reflection; it seems that Sonney wishes things had gone a bit differently. The butt shake may have been seen as playful or even provocative by some viewers but for Sonny herself, it represented another layer of complexity to navigate as a performer in this high-profile industry.

While such gestures are often part of showmanship in wrestling entertainment shows like AEW’s Dynamite or WWE’s Monday Night Raw they can also be subject to scrutiny and criticism depending on their context and execution. In retrospect perhaps it wasn’t so much about the act itself but rather its timing placement or overall effect on viewer perception that made Sonny reconsider its appropriateness later on.

This isn’t just about one move though – it’s emblematic of larger conversations happening within sports entertainment today around representation identity performance styles among other topics all underlined by ever-evolving fan expectations too.

For performers like Sonny these questions aren’t abstract debates – they’re lived experiences shaped through every match promo tour date each carrying potential impacts far beyond any single bout inside a ring whether cheered booed ignored applauded critiqued praised dissected analyzed celebrated vilified loved hated misunderstood appreciated or anything else.

Sonny’s candidness about her AEW debut and the changes she would have made is a testament to her commitment to authenticity both in and out of the ring. It showcases an ongoing journey where learning from past experiences plays a vital role in shaping future decisions, actions, and performances.

As Sonny moves forward post-AEW, fans can expect that she will continue to bring this level of reflection and growth into whatever new opportunities come next on her wrestling career path. And while there may be more butt shakes along the way – they’ll undoubtedly be done on Sonny’s terms as part of expressing who she truly is as a performer artist athlete entertainer individual human being – not just what others might want see expect assume demand project onto or define her by.

In conclusion, Sonny Kiss’ departure from AEW has opened up discussions around representation within wrestling entertainment. Her reflections provide valuable insights for other performers navigating their own paths in this industry too with lessons learned applicable far beyond any one move match promotion company era generation style genre platform medium culture society world universe time space reality dimension existence life experience story journey dream vision mission passion purpose love truth freedom expression identity humanity dignity respect equality justice peace hope joy happiness fulfillment enlightenment wisdom knowledge understanding compassion empathy kindness generosity gratitude humility courage strength resilience perseverance endurance patience discipline focus determination ambition drive motivation inspiration creativity innovation imagination curiosity exploration discovery adventure challenge risk failure success victory triumph celebration recognition reward satisfaction accomplishment achievement legacy heritage tradition history culture community connection relationship friendship family unity harmony balance harmony peace tranquility serenity calm quiet silence stillness solitude contemplation meditation relaxation rest sleep dreams visions fantasies illusions delusions realities truths lies secrets mysteries puzzles riddles enigmas paradoxes conundrums dilemmas quandaries predicaments problems challenges obstacles hurdles barriers walls doors windows mirrors masks faces identities personas characters roles players games rules strategies tactics maneuvers operations campaigns battles wars conflicts confrontations clashes collisions encounters meetings gatherings assemblies congresses conferences conventions symposiums forums seminars workshops classes lectures presentations speeches talks discussions debates arguments disputes disagreements controversies scandals crises disasters catastrophes tragedies comedies dramas spectacles shows exhibitions performances displays demonstrations manifestations expressions impressions reflections images pictures photos portraits snapshots glimpses views perspectives angles aspects dimensions facets sides edges corners points lines curves circles squares rectangles triangles polygons shapes forms structures patterns textures colors hues saturation brightness contrast sharpness clarity definition resolution focus depth field perspective angle view point position direction movement motion speed velocity acceleration force power energy momentum inertia gravity magnetism electricity light heat sound vibration frequency wavelength amplitude modulation phase shift time space matter mass volume density weight pressure temperature humidity moisture water air earth fire metal wood plastic glass stone clay sand soil rock mineral crystal gem jewel diamond gold silver bronze copper iron steel aluminum titanium platinum palladium rhodium ruthenium osmium iridium nickel cobalt chromium manganese zinc cadmium mercury lead tin antimony bismuth polonium astatine radon francium radium actinium thorium protactinium uranium neptunium plutonium americium curium berkelium californium einstein.


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