Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee, who were previously known as the IIconics in WWE and are now recognized as the IInspiration in IMPACT, recently shared some interesting insights on their Off Her Chops podcast. They revealed that a feud with The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) was planned for them shortly after they won the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35. Unfortunately, this program did not come to fruition.

The wrestling world is no stranger to abrupt changes and unexpected turns of events. This scrapped feud between IInspiration and The Bella Twins is one such example. 🤼‍♀️

McKay and Lee have always been open about their experiences in WWE since leaving the company last year. Their candid discussions provide fans with an inside look into what goes on behind-the-scenes of professional wrestling.

On their podcast, they talked about how excited they were when they found out about the proposed storyline involving The Bella Twins – Nikki & Brie. Winning the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35 had already been a significant milestone for them, but getting involved in a major storyline right after would have taken things to another level.

However, despite all preparations being made for this exciting new chapter of rivalry between these talented female wrestlers, it eventually fell through due to reasons unknown.

While recalling those days during their recent podcast episode, both McKay and Lee expressed disappointment over not getting to lock horns with Nikki & Brie Bella as originally planned by WWE creative heads.

Even though plans fell through regarding this particular feud back then; it hasn’t deterred either duo from continuing their journey within professional wrestling industry.

Today both duos continue making waves across different platforms – Jessika McKay & Cassie Lee under ‘IInspiration’ banner within IMPACT Wrestling while Nikki & Brie Bella continue influencing millions worldwide even outside ring via various ventures including reality TV shows like ‘Total Bellas’ and their own wine brand.

In conclusion, while the scrapped feud between IInspiration and The Bella Twins might have been a missed opportunity for WWE fans, it has not dampened the spirit or deterred these talented women from making their mark in professional wrestling. They continue to inspire many with their resilience and dedication to the sport they love so much.


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