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The Match between A-Kid and Zack Saber Jr. receives a 5-star rating


The Match between A-Kid and Zack Saber Jr. receives a 5-star rating

Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer journalist, has published in the latest news bulletin the score of the A-Kid vs. Zack Saber Jr. match held at the Total Rumble event of The Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) on April 14 this year. year.

Meltzer catalogs that fight with 5 stars and compares it with other great matches that have been celebrated this year as the WALTER vs. Will Ospreay of OTT, which received a score of 4.75. Without a doubt, it is great news for Spanish wrestling since it is the first time that a match enters the list of votes of the American journalist.

It should be remembered that Dave Meltzer spoke about this match last week, during the broadcast of the Wrestling Observer Radio program. The specialized journalist highlighted the match between the Spanish fighter and Zack Saber Jr. held in the Madrid promotion event. Meltzer even called the fight “one of the best matches of the last 15 years if the international wrestling had not improved the way it has done”.

” That match was amazing, ” said Davel Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio show. “It’s one of the best fights I’ve seen this year, it would be in my top 10. It could be the fight of the year, in my point of view it’s the perfect professional wrestling match, there was nothing wrong and the atmosphere was incredible.”. Meltzer also praised the work of Zack Saber Jr., who considers him an underestimated fighter. “If Tanahashi went to White Wolf Wrestling he would play a good role, a good fight, but he could not do something like … A-Kid should work in the United States, in a place like PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla). but not as good as that, when I saw him I asked myself where this boy came from, and he came from Madrid. The fans are amazing, and they remind me of PWG fans. “


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