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The Undertaker Retires From The WWE 


The Undertaker Retires From The WWE 

After what has been one of the most impressive careers in the history for the WWE, not just for his success but mainly for his longevity in the sport, which has spread over a thirty-year period – one of the longest in the history of the WWE.

In a heart-wrenching speech at the end of his fight on Sunday just gone at WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view he came out to fans and explained that “My time has come to let The Undertake rest in peace.”

The Undertaker will always go down as one of the best WWE superstars in the history of the sport, due to the aura that he gave to the sport. There was no one else like him that was able to change the scenery of a certain fight when his famous “dong” entrance music chimed, and the fellow superstars already knew that that trouble was incoming. This aura that we speak about is what made him so popular in the WWE franchise and one that many looked up to as one of their hero’s.

He has respect for his own character and played him to an immaculate effect over the thirty years that he spent in the sport. Some fans went on to explain, “His dark and supernatural element was the big attraction. The entrance and the way he carries himself means he can reach everyone. He has an intimidating feel about him even at an older age, which is why so many love him.”

With Survivor Series come and gone now, many WWE fans will be looking ahead to the next main event, which is always a special one, the Royal Rumble which takes place on 24th January 2021. Many WWE punters will be looking to betting markets and the best betting apps that offer bonuses to be used on the events. It will all lead the way to who starts as favourite to be the last many standing. According to bookies, Big and Edge are big favourites both priced at 5/1 with Brock Lesnar being an outside favourite priced at 15/2.

The Undertaker will always be remembered for some of his classic battles including his match up with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25, which has gone down as one of the greatest battles of all time, which was nearly an hour long! Finally, he’ll also be remembered for famous fights like buried alive, hell in a cell and also the rivalry that he has with his brother Kane – one of the best eras in WWE ever.

RIP The Undertaker.

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