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This Scottish WWE star may be the next world champion


This Scottish WWE star may be the next world champion

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by WWE fans that the business has made a conscious effort to push new stars on Raw and that’s predicted to be the new fad moving ahead. WWE has gotten behind a number of superstars on the red brand as part of its carefully designed strategy to push new entrants and attempt to create another generation of main event superstars. On this list of celebrities who have become a top priority for the Raw group and Paul Heyman are rising female wrestlers like Liv Morgan, and budding male celebrities like Aleister Black, Ricochet, Andrade and Buddy Murphy, to name a few.

As the WWE brand that showcased well-known and recognized talent like John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, Raw has become the place for the future of WWE. Another incredibly talented male celebrity who is suddenly being skyrocketed up the ladder along with the aforementioned names is Drew McIntyre, whose nearly instantaneous rise from forgotten midcard celebrity to potential world champion is taking place with an interesting reason in mind, according to Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue, who asserts that McIntyre’s increased visibility is down to the confidence that the Raw management have in him, but there are also other, more practical reasons behind this, with the decision being taken to showcase British talent on Raw to highlight the new broadcasting deal with BT Sport.

BT Sport declared in December 2019 that it would be the new home of both Raw and SmackDown in Ireland and the UK, writing, The multi-year agreement will make WWE’s weekly flagship programming available exclusively on BT Sport in the UK and Ireland from January 2020.” Triple H has emphasized WWE’s agreement with BT Sport as a huge deal for the company that could expand WWE’s international fan base, so it surely makes sense that Heyman and the creative team are suddenly behind the wildly talented McIntyre, who has all the makings of a possible major event player for years to come. McIntyre is one of the few stars from the UK who is featured prominently on WWE’s most important roster programming outside of NXT UK, and he has been heralded by many as a potential world champion for much of the last decade. Since he had been promoted to the roster in April 2018 however, he — like so many other performers in WWE — was plagued by uncertainty. One thing McIntyre has had going for him, however, is the support of both Triple H and McMahon, who are said to be huge fans of “The Scottish Psychopath.” In fact, McIntyre was at one point considered for a 2019 Royal Rumble win and a Universal Championship game at WrestleMania 35.

While this bout obviously never came to fruition, WWE has clearly reignited a gigantic drive to support McIntyre, who is in the early phases of a babyface turn that has once again placed him as among the betting favourites to win the Royal Rumble (he is currently second at 9/2, just behind Roman Reigns who is priced at 4/9) and set him up for a blockbuster WrestleMania 36 feud with Brock Lesnar. Of all the rising stars on Raw, McIntyre is potentially the most marketable possible foe for “The Beast,” who has ruined virtually everyone else in his route in the past couple of years. Fans can check out these odds and more at free

Though McIntyre appears to be a more natural heel, his recent babyface tendencies are becoming over in a huge manner with WWE fans, who’ve begun chanting with his impressive Claymore Kick finisher and supporting him against some of WWE’s top stars and biggest fan favourites, such as AJ Styles and Randy Orton. However, both these wrestlers are way down in the running for winning Royal Rumble – AJ Styles is at 25/1 and Orton is at 40/1 at the bookmakers, with the likes of Edge (10/1), CM Punk (7/1) and Cena (11/1) all ahead of them in the bookies’ stakes.

The aim for the abrupt push of McIntyre? Well, according to Colohue, it remains just like the one McMahon needed for McIntyre over a decade back when he was branded by McMahon as a future world champion and after McIntyre showed up on the primary roster – he wants to be proven right. To put it differently, McMahon still intends on earning McIntyre a world championship sooner or later, and now that he has showed some signs of developing into a popular contender on Raw while he continues to triumph over WWE’s passionate fan base, there is nothing stopping McIntyre from becoming a world champion other than poor booking. In almost two decades on the primary roster, McIntyre has been no stranger to being shortchanged by the marketing and creative teams, but all indications are pointing toward a potential world title run in 2020 and a huge push.

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