In a recent episode of the “Out of Character” podcast, WWE producer TJ Wilson, also known as Tyson Kidd, shared his experiences and thoughts on working with the women’s roster. His comments were filled with praise and admiration for these talented athletes.

“I have goosebumps,” he confessed during the interview. “It makes me emotional.” The raw passion in his voice was evident to all listeners tuning into the podcast that day.

Wilson didn’t hold back from expressing how deeply affected he is by working closely with these incredible women wrestlers. He wasn’t just talking about their prowess inside the ring either; it was clear that he respects them as individuals who are dedicated to their craft and constantly striving for excellence.

His sentiments echo those of many fans worldwide who admire female wrestlers not only for their strength but also for their determination in breaking down barriers within what has traditionally been a male-dominated sport. They’ve managed to carve out a space for themselves where they can shine brightly, demonstrating time and again that they’re just as capable – if not more so – than their male counterparts.

During this same conversation on ‘Out Of Character’, Wilson went on to share his thoughts about Angelo Dawkins too. While he did not delve deep into specifics regarding Dawkins’ performance or potential growth areas within WWE, it was apparent from his tone that there’s mutual respect between them both professionally and personally 🎙️

The candid nature of this discussion offers fans an insight into behind-the-scenes dynamics at WWE – something which isn’t often available publicly. It’s refreshing to hear such heartfelt appreciation being expressed openly by someone like Wilson who works directly alongside these amazing athletes every single day.

As we move forward in 2022, one thing seems certain: The future looks bright indeed for women’s wrestling within WWE thanks largely due its passionate performers whose dedication inspires people like TJ Wilson (and countless others) each passing day!


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