Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has confirmed the departure of Sonny Kiss from the company. As per earlier reports, Sonny Kiss officially parted ways with AEW, following the expiry of her contract at the beginning of the month. This announcement came after the post-All Out 2023 media scrum that took place this past Sunday.

Khan expressed his openness to a possible future re-signing of Kiss. The wrestling world is known for its constant shifts and changes, and it’s not unusual for wrestlers to leave and return to organizations based on various factors including personal reasons, contractual matters, and professional opportunities.

Sonny Kiss’ departure from AEW marks the end of an era, but also the potential beginning of new opportunities. As a talented wrestler, Kiss has made significant contributions to the sport and has a passionate fanbase that is likely to follow her career, regardless of where she goes next.

While the news may come as a shock to some, it’s important to remember that in the world of professional wrestling, change is often the only constant. Wrestlers come and go, but their impact remains. Kiss, with her distinct style and charisma, has certainly left an indelible mark on AEW. 🤼‍♀️

The departure of a popular wrestler like Sonny Kiss can have significant implications for the organization. It can affect ongoing storylines, fan engagement, and even the morale of other wrestlers. However, it also opens up opportunities for other talent to step up and fill the void.

AEW, under the leadership of Tony Khan, has been known for its ability to adapt and innovate. The organization has a strong roster of talent and continues to draw in viewers with its exciting matches and engaging storylines. While the exit of Sonny Kiss is a loss, it’s likely that AEW will continue to thrive and entertain its fans.

For Sonny Kiss, this could be the start of a new chapter in her wrestling career. Whether she chooses to join another organization or take a break from the sport, fans can expect to see her continue to shine. Her unique style, combined with her skill and passion for wrestling, make her a standout performer in any ring.

In conclusion, while Sonny Kiss’ exit from AEW is confirmed, both parties are open to future collaborations. Change is a part of life and wrestling is no exception. As fans, we look forward to seeing what’s next for both AEW and Sonny Kiss.


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