In a recent conversation, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) President Tony Khan opened up about various topics related to the wrestling world. One of the highlights of the discussion was MJF’s Math promo, which has been creating quite a buzz in the industry.

MJF is well-known for his unique and engaging promos that add an extra layer of entertainment to every event. This time around, he decided to do something different by recreating Scott Steiner’s famous Math promo from his TNA days. According to Khan, this idea was entirely MJF’s own brainchild.

“That particular one was him,” said Khan during the interview with Insider. He further elaborated on how wrestling thrives on collaborations and how much he values having such connections within AEW.

“Wrestling is all about collaborations,” explained Khan. “I really enjoy having that connection.” The importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving success cannot be overstated in professional wrestling – or indeed any sport 🏆 .

Besides discussing MJF’s math promo, Tony also shared news regarding Mick Foley being set for New York Comic-Con (NYCC). It seems fans will have another chance to interact with one of their favorite wrestlers at this popular event!

On top of these exciting developments, there were mentions made concerning HOOK and Shane Douglas/ECW as well during the course of this insightful interview.

It appears that AEW continues its efforts towards bringing innovative ideas into play while ensuring fan favorites remain part of their events. With leaders like Tony Khan at its helm who appreciate and encourage creativity among its ranks, it’s no wonder why AEW has quickly risen through ranks since its inception just two years ago.

As we move forward into what promises to be another electrifying year for professional wrestling fans worldwide, it’ll certainly be interesting watching these stories unfold.


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