During the media briefing following the AEW All Out 2023 event, Tony Khan, President of AEW, shared his thoughts on the upcoming WrestleDream pay-per-view event. This dialogue provided intriguing insights into the inception and evolution of the event, which is set to commemorate the first death anniversary of Antonio Inoki.

Khan, fondly referred to as “TK”, expressed his enthusiasm and anticipation for the forthcoming event. The buzz around WrestleDream has been building, and Khan’s comments added a new layer of excitement.

“I’m very excited about the WrestleDream event,” he began, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. “It’s an event that holds a special place in the heart of AEW and wrestling fans worldwide.”

Khan went on to explain how the idea for the WrestleDream event was conceived. He spoke of late-night brainstorming sessions, intense discussions, and the collective passion that led to the birth of this unique concept.

“The conception of WrestleDream was not an overnight process,” Khan said. “It involved countless hours of brainstorming, planning, and a shared passion for wrestling.”

He highlighted the significance of the event, noting its timing on the one-year anniversary of the death of legendary wrestling figure Antonio Inoki. “This event is more than just another pay-per-view,” Khan stated, “It’s a tribute to a legend, a celebration of his legacy.”

As Khan continued, he stressed the importance of honoring Inoki’s memory through the WrestleDream event. He talked about Inoki’s impact on the wrestling world and how his influence continues to shape AEW.

“Antonio Inoki was a pillar of professional wrestling,” Khan said, “His legacy lives on in AEW, and WrestleDream is our way of honoring his memory and his contributions to our beloved sport.”

The anticipation surrounding WrestleDream has been further fuelled by Khan’s comments. Fans are eagerly waiting for the day when they can witness this grand spectacle unfold. The event promises to be a fitting tribute to Antonio Inoki, a man whose name is synonymous with professional wrestling.

As the conversation drew to a close, Khan expressed his hope that WrestleDream would meet the expectations of fans and become a staple in AEW’s annual calendar. He thanked everyone for their support and promised that the event would be worth the wait.

“We’re working tirelessly to ensure WrestleDream is a memorable experience for all,” Khan concluded. “We appreciate the support from our fans and promise to deliver an event that honors Inoki’s legacy and celebrates the sport we all love.”

In conclusion, WrestleDream is not just another pay-per-view event; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Antonio Inoki. It’s a symbol of AEW’s commitment to honoring past legends while forging its own path in the world of professional wrestling. As fans count down the days to the event, one thing is clear – WrestleDream is more than a dream; it’s a tribute to a legend that promises to be a landmark event in the annals of AEW history. 🤼‍♂️


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