On Saturday night, the episode of AEW Collision was initiated by none other than AEW President Tony Khan. The opening segment of the show was dominated by a significant announcement confirming the recent rumors circulating in the wrestling world – CM Punk had been fired from All Elite Wrestling.

The termination followed multiple backstage incidents involving Punk, with the latest one being a skirmish with Jack Perry at the All In 2023 pay-per-view event that occurred just this past Sunday. The incident was the last straw that led to Punk’s dismissal from the company, marking the end of his tenure with AEW.

In a surprising turn of events, Tony Khan took it upon himself to address the incident and its aftermath directly with the fans. He apologized for the firing of CM Punk, acknowledging the shock and disappointment that many in the wrestling community may be feeling. This public apology was an unexpected move, but one that demonstrated the transparency and responsibility that Khan upholds in his role as president.

CM Punk, a renowned name in the wrestling world, had been a significant part of All Elite Wrestling. His departure marks a considerable change for the company, and the circumstances surrounding his exit have sparked much discussion among fans and critics alike. However, the decision to let Punk go was not taken lightly. It came after several backstage incidents, indicating a series of ongoing issues that culminated in the recent fight with Jack Perry.

Jack Perry, known in the ring as Jungle Boy, had reportedly been involved in the backstage altercation with Punk at the All In 2023 event. The specifics of their dispute remain unknown, but the consequences have been far-reaching, impacting both their careers and the entire AEW organization.

The AEW Collision episode was a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience. From the anticipation of the show’s opening to the shock of Punk’s firing, fans were left reeling from the unexpected news. Yet, in the midst of the surprise and confusion, there was also a sense of respect for Tony Khan’s decision to address the situation openly.

Tony Khan’s apology, while unexpected, was a testament to his commitment to maintaining a positive and respectful environment within AEW. His decision to apologize publicly showed an understanding of the impact such news could have on the fans and a willingness to take responsibility for the actions of the organization he leads.

In conclusion, the recent episode of AEW Collision was a significant one for All Elite Wrestling. The firing of CM Punk has undoubtedly shaken things up, leading to a wave of questions about what the future holds for both Punk and the company itself. However, one thing is certain – under Tony Khan’s leadership, AEW will continue to prioritize transparency, respect, and the well-being of its wrestlers. Even in the face of controversy, they remain committed to delivering high-quality wrestling entertainment to their fans around the world 🌍.


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