The latest episode of AEW Collision began with a surprising revelation. All Elite Wrestling’s President, Tony Khan, took center stage to address the recent firing of CM Punk, a decision that has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. 🎥

CM Punk, an iconic figure in professional wrestling, was let go from All Elite Wrestling due to multiple backstage incidents. The final straw was apparently a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at the All In 2023 pay-per-view event held just last Sunday.

Tony Khan started the show with an apology, expressing remorse for the circumstances that led to CM Punk’s departure. He admitted that this was a difficult decision, one that was not taken lightly. The president emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful environment backstage, which unfortunately, was compromised in this situation.

This incident with Jack Perry was not the first for Punk. It seems that there have been several issues backstage that have raised concerns about his professionalism and conduct. AEW prides itself on providing a platform for wrestlers to showcase their skills in a respectful and supportive atmosphere. Any behavior that disrupts this harmony is taken very seriously.

Khan stated, “We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any form of misconduct. We are committed to ensuring that all our talent are treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, there have been instances where CM Punk’s behavior has not aligned with these values.”

The president did not delve into the specifics of the incidents involving Punk, but he did acknowledge that the wrestler’s actions were not in line with the company’s expectations. He also noted that the decision to terminate Punk’s contract was a last resort, undertaken after numerous attempts to address the issue.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Khan expressed gratitude towards Punk for his contributions to AEW. He acknowledged Punk’s immense talent and the memorable moments he has provided to the fans. However, he reaffirmed that no individual is bigger than the organization, and everyone is expected to uphold the company’s values.

The termination of Punk’s contract has undoubtedly left a void in AEW. His charisma, talent, and popularity have made him a key player in the company. Despite this, Khan is confident in the depth and talent of the AEW roster. He believes that the organization will continue to thrive and provide high-quality entertainment for its fans.

The president concluded his address by expressing his hope for Punk’s future. He wished the former AEW wrestler success in his future endeavors and hoped that this incident would serve as a learning experience.

AEW Collision continued after Khan’s announcement, with the remaining wrestlers putting on an exceptional show for the audience. The event was filled with thrilling matches, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of the AEW roster.

While the loss of CM Punk is significant, it is clear that AEW is committed to upholding its values above all else. This incident serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with being a part of a professional wrestling organization. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining respect and dignity, both inside and outside the ring.

As AEW continues to move forward, fans can expect the organization to continue delivering exciting and entertaining content. Despite the setback, the future looks promising for All Elite Wrestling.


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