CJ Perry, known in the professional wrestling world for her charisma and talent, made her much-anticipated debut at the All Out 2023 pay-per-view event last Sunday. The event was a massive spectacle, with fans eagerly awaiting every match. However, one of the standout moments of the night was when Perry came to the aid of her real-life husband, Miro.

Miro, a beloved figure in the wrestling community, found himself under attack by Powerhouse Hobbs. In an exciting and tense showdown, Miro managed to score a victory over Hobbs, much to the delight of the crowd. However, the former TNT Champion wasn’t willing to accept defeat lightly and retaliated with a brutal attack.

It was in this moment of chaos that Perry made her entrance. The crowd roared as she ran towards the ring to stand by her spouse. Her intervention was a game-changer, shifting the momentum of the event and creating a buzz among the audience and viewers at home.

However, questions quickly arose about Perry’s status within the AEW. Would she be a regular fixture? What role would she play? Fans were left wondering about her future in the organization. It was Tony Khan, the President and CEO of AEW, who stepped forward to provide some much-needed clarity.

In a post-event press conference, Khan addressed the rumors and speculations surrounding Perry’s debut. He applauded her courage and commitment, stating that her intervention had added an unexpected twist to the event.

“Perry’s debut was a highlight of the evening,” Khan said. He acknowledged the buzz created by her appearance and confirmed that she would indeed be a part of the AEW roster. “We are thrilled to have her on board. Her passion for the sport and her natural talent make her a great addition to our team.”

This announcement was met with cheers from the fans. A new chapter was set to begin in Perry’s career, and the anticipation was palpable. The news also sparked discussions about potential storylines and matches involving Perry.

Khan did not disclose further details about Perry’s role in the AEW but promised that fans could look forward to exciting things. “We have big plans for Perry,” he hinted, leaving fans eager for more.

In conclusion, CJ Perry’s debut at the All Out 2023 event was a memorable one. Not only did she rescue her husband from a brutal attack, but she also left a lasting impression on the audience and the wrestling community. Her future in the AEW looks bright, and fans can’t wait to see what she brings to the ring next. 🤼‍♀️


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